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Zecora in the Everfree - close up



Welcome to The Big Project! This is part one of my many part series as you'll see over the coming days and weeks.

I made this piece because I've come to enjoy Zecora as a character in mlp, in part due to a positive experience I had at a con some years ago. For the full story NMND was my first convention, which I attended as a vendor's assistant. Financially things were going abysmally. My art wasn't selling, and it's difficult not to take that personally as art feels like a part of yourself. But looking back, augh, my art was bad and I should feel bad. One by one the voice actors attending the con toured the vending hall. Brenda Crichlow, voice actress for Zecora, bought a print and signed another of her character for me to keep of this piece: It was a moment that brought a boost to my spirits when I needed it.

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