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Zecora in the Everfree

By viwrastupr
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It's part 2! But more part 1.5 of The Big Project.

The intention is to display the scale of the Everfree Forest as a grand, mysterious place, which while dark and foreboding, is also the place that Zecora makes her home. This is the first piece I made that used color to distinguish space and that became a bit of a theme in the project as a whole as I worked. I've been so dependent on the sky as a backdrop that it was very difficult to transition into another way of thinking, however the more I worked the more I got used to the idea and, in the end, I've learned quite a bit about composition. Though, of course, there's still more to go.

The full story of why Zecora first is in the zoom in.

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KyoshyuHobbyist General Artist
Beautiful. :)
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This is probably my favorite. The scenery is gorgeous, going from Zecora's hut, surrounded by blue-leaved trees, to the purple depths of the Everfree, where the old Castle of the Two Sisters is.
Sinister-Aglets's avatar
This series is a cool idea beautifully executed.

Also Zecora!!!
MLP-NovelIdea's avatar
MLP-NovelIdeaProfessional Writer
Not nearly enough Zecora... but at least we have seriously awesome Zecora!
BronyNo786's avatar
BronyNo786Hobbyist Digital Artist
This would make a killer book cover
Krazylec's avatar
Very, very nice. I'm looking forward to the story!
TanukiTagawa's avatar
Your pic is wonderful,with great artwork and superb coloring!Congratulations! :winner:
RobbieCave's avatar
RobbieCave Digital Artist
OMG! This is awesome in every detail! :D
FlintEXP's avatar
FlintEXPHobbyist Traditional Artist
You have me interested to see the full outcome.
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KikyuuHobbyist Digital Artist
I really think it's a neat idea to release a picture, and then later release a picture where the previous was just a small part. It really does give that sense of 'here's a view... now here's how it is just one small piece'.

I look forward to seeing more!

Is the end of the big project a massive image in which all images are contained?
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As viw said in his journal post, this is part 1 of 18 of one big interconnected piece. (…)

So yeah, if you like a picture that is one part of a larger picture then you're really going to like this.
Kikyuu's avatar
KikyuuHobbyist Digital Artist
This is gonna be amazing!
KupferFuchsy's avatar
Zecora is so beautiful and awesome <3 I love her ♥
WarsadlePony's avatar
WarsadlePonyStudent Digital Artist
Awesome expansion!
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