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When the sun is away Celestia will play.

Commission for :iconskufer: for winning a bronyhome contest prize.

I'm enjoying this kind of new, brighter, kind of cartooney style. I'd like to push it a bit more here or there, add detail to it but it'll be a matter of time to figure how to do so efficiently.
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Beautiful, good work! ^^
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Hallelujah! Dark Souls - Praise the Sun 

Oh wait... ._. 

Same artist! Sowwy~ My first Emoticon - Shrug 
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She looks so sparkly! Her eyes are pretty sparkly too. So cute ~
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She looks so lovely! I love the how bright and shiny her mane looks. :)
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Aww, she looks so young here! Cute!
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Looks like she is singing a Disney ballad!
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Whoa, it looks amazing. The line work the colors, the lightsource of shading. Also the blending of colors. So pretty, im just impressed about how amazing it is. This deserves a favorite and you deserve a watch.
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Wow! This looks amazing! Celestia looks great without that chest piece she wears usually. I see sparkles in her mane, and that's a wonderful touch. Great job viw! Keep at this style as I'd like to see more of it.
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Darn it, if that isn't some smooth, smooth art!
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And When the sun is away I threw in some :iconbatmanplz: costume !
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Nicely chosen colors, really gives this a pop of fluidity. :clap:
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I really really like this style.. :O

Surprised to see an artist deviate into a completely different style and still make it work.
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Celestia is so beautiful! :)
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