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Wet mane Celestia - Dec 29th

Just two more days left to post.

Patrons have seen the end already!
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im dying of seeing too much perfection XwX
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If you wish for me to remove this as the cover art, please let me know.
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Please do. As much as it's flattering there are many people who commission me for their own individual works. To take one for free devalues those commissions.
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Sure thing! For future reference, should I avoid using any of your works at all, that way you don't have to receive any more comments like this? 
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Unless commissioned by the author none of my works are open for being on fimfiction.
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Thanks for the confirmation! Although I would like to add that your work is very inspiring and that I changed the cover art once I got your comment. 
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Absolutely breath taking :D (Big Grin) 
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This is fantastic, I love the glowing effect that has been done to it.
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please please please can you draw Lilly Salt?
it would mean the world to me!
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Very, very nice! c:
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she looks so beautiful in the water :D
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Omg this/she is so beautiful! Can't take it!! x3
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Such wet mane!
Simply supreme. Words aren't enough. I want to touch her.
Восхитительно, хочется хвалить и хвалить.
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Awesome work
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This has the Greek god Artemis written all over it. Hope she doesn't kill me or turn me into something then.
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Absolutely gorgeous.
I adore the way you painted her wings. Wonderful detail. And the colours in her mane are stunning.
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