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Twidash cuddle

A cute commission showing that not all unicorn snuggles are sharp.
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Any time I'm having a bad day I look at this and remember the beautiful art my best friend commissioned for us. Thank you for helping me through so many rough days and sad moments. I still love this so very, very much and have it on display in my skybox in Second Life. It's one of my most cherished gifts.

Fun Fact: Twilight would logically outlive Rainbow regardless of whether or not alicorn immortality is a thing, because we all know the latter is going to get herself killed doing something epic but reckless. How anybody thought otherwise regarding that particular Word of God is beyond me.
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First-Ponies are made of rubber. Second-She and her friends are elements of harmony. They're not just ordinary ponies. Because of their connection with the elements Equestria no longer needs artifacts or even the tree. The power of harmony is within themselves. They're just like Celestia and Luna hence why they've all been chosen to take over one those two retire meaning they're all basically immortal (as is Spike due to his being both pony-like and dragon-he was worthy of the role of king of dragons after all). 
Yes, logic probably shouldn't be applied to MLP. Still, what you're saying isn't confirmed even in the "Twilight will not outlive her friends" way, and I have a much more interesting headcanon.
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I just don't see the need to be negative under artwork that was meant to celebrate the TwiDash ship. This was meant to celebrate love. 
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Every now and then I return to this to just look at and admire it. Usually with tears of happiness dripping down my cheeks. I love this so very, very much and appreciate all the time, skill and effort you put into it. It was a gift to me from someone special and I'm so very, very grateful for it. It's beautiful and special and someday I'd like to get it as a tattoo because I want to cherish its meaning for the rest of my life. 
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I just think this is adorable for friendship reasons, I have no relationship or shipping reasons involved or attached to this. I prefer to think that Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle are both single and that they could become best friends, since Twilight does need help learning to fly. Maybe they are having a sleepover, best friends have them any chance that they can get!

Beside you have a large bed (Like Twilight did in "Look before you sleep" episode from season 1) you tend to share it with your best friend, if you are having a sleepover. Because it makes it easier on everyone, I mean, you don't have to blow up any inflatable beds or find any extra pillows if your friend forgot (because at least I have two on my large bed, one on each side) I kinda like that not all of the Twidash pictures have to be seen as a ship artwork, some are just of them hanging out together like they do in the cannon of the show.

However, I don't get shipping the main six with each other though. I mean, when has the cannon of the show even implied that one of the main characters was a lesbian? I'm just wondering if I missed that episode, because I haven't seen a episode that implied so. Most of the episodes imply that are all heterosexual or straight, because Rainbow Dash gets an obvious crush on Soarin in "Best Night Ever" just as an example. I have though seen some background characters that are gay and I am perfectly fine with that. In fact: I support all equal rights for everyone's ability to choose to be and have: any religion, sexuality and gender.

But I don't like it when others of the fandom, try to force a pairing of two cannon characters onto someone who isn't okay with it. This is only, because I have seen that whenever someone disagrees with someone's opinion, they get jumped on and attacked for liking their pairing, just because it's not the best pairing or the pairing that they like too.

We are all Bronies and Pegasisters, we are all the same!! We are suppose to get along, not fight with each other! Fighting just makes us as bad as the trolls and haters, who tell us to kill ourselves for liking MLP: FIM. Can't we all just get along like we should? I'm sick of everyone fighting! I love MLP: FIM and everyone else in the fandom does too, right? So, we should just all be friends.
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Now that statement right there is something I definitely agree with.  I don't ship any of the Six together at all, because I don't really... shall we say 'agree' with same gender attraction, but I don't bash people who identify as such into the ground.  One of my best friends recently came out as being LGBTQ.  She's just as awesome as she was before she came out, and do I alienate her because of her orientation?  No.  I don't.  It's very much a 'love the sinner, hate the sin' sort of situation with me and her.  We're still best of friends and i support her all the way, but like I said before, I don't agree with her choice.  Basically what I'm saying is: I'll treat LGBTQ people with the respect and love they deserve, but I don't necessarily agree with their choice.

Everyone's beliefs and feelings are different, and I can't force anything on anyone.  All I can do is offer my 2 cents and let them make their own choices. 

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This was a gift from my best friend in honor of our friendship. It shouldn't be necessary for anyone to explain why they imagine the characters how they imagine them nor is it anyone's place to approve or disapprove of what we are or who we choose to love. 'Love the sinner hate the sin' is just another form of oppression.
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She is beauty she is grace
Twilight get away from Fluttershy's bb
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I love this pic! The colors, the wings, I specially loved the piece of Cloudsdale that you let see on the background :)

As a Twidash fan, I love the Twidash, of course. But being more of a fan of art in general, I loved the whole concept, I enjoyed the way you managed anatomy here, and how their tals interact without getting confusing, or looking forced in position :clap:
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noooo flutterdash rules
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sooner or later, Rainbow Dash gets all the mares
and then comes Fluttershy:*gasp*

RD:" wait, shy! i can explain!"

Fluttershy:"There is nothing to explain!" *slaps RD and run away crying*
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What the hell is this nonsense?
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>implying that Flutterdash would work at all
Laugh LOL
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They look so cute! :D
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Very cute and adorable. The only thin I can think that is wrong is Twi being smaller than dash (as alicorns are usually larger than normal ponies) Other than that very awesome
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It l looks like dash is larger then twi
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