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Triptych - Pinkie: what are you doing?

Left side of a new print set. All put together there are a few stories to tell.  I'm not quite done with the study/learn session I'm going through

For patreon folks this print is old please support!
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She's just being Pinkie Pie. XD
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what's up with Twilight's look? It's like she is given Pinkie some bedroom eyes 
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Wonderful work
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Everything is fun and laughs until someone swallows a piece of confetti 

Also you cruel cruel person, you reminded us that the tree is no longer here!

Back to seriousness, i love it it just shines in color.
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Now that is some talent.
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Today's lesson has been brought to you by:
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Somethings bothering me, pinkie's ball looks like its splashing water? Other then that looks amazing :3
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Don't question Pinkie. It will go badly for you XD
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yes... very badly XD
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