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I SO enjoyed your advanced drawing panel at Everfree Northwest this year!   This amazing, sexy image of Octavia just blows my mind. 

You may like to know that the second print of her I bought last day of the con has been shown to folks from Omaha, NE to San Diego, CA, both to bronies and non-bronies alike.

Thank you for creating this wonderful, complex scene of implied stories.
FanaticPanda's avatar
I love her dress! And the way you did those clouds, Amazing. and you can see Canterlot :0 Attencion to detail.
AussieGriffin's avatar
Fav'ed, because this is so rich, even if the shading on the face needs to be evened out, or perhaps just a touch more starkly defined.
KironStrife's avatar
Absolutely beautiful!  I bet she has an amazing voice. 
TheColorlessPony's avatar
"Who wants to live forever?"
IDragonWishI's avatar
The realism disturbs me, but eh, i got over it. I think.
ooh i love the design on that dress
pinkiejack-applepie's avatar
is this octavia  or an  OC? (hope i said that right since i,m not good in fan terminology)
Hundekuche's avatar
don't you see her Cutie Mark? It's Octavia.
mdb45424's avatar
off screen to the right is a subway sub ;)
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For some reason, this picture managed to make itself noticeable amidst the image chaos that is normal on the internet. Either this was quite a feat on your part, or a quirk of the setting and format of the website I viewed it on.
shoeunit's avatar
That earring and Canterlot's silhouette in the background. I love these small stuff, it like I'm being rewarded for stopping and taking a close look.
viwrastupr's avatar
Giving your audience cookies is fun.
shoeunit's avatar
But if you give the audience cookies, they will ask for milk.
zora-artist's avatar
is Octavia?!
amazing one viwrastupr!
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PookasTrainer's avatar
My that is so lovely!
MasterVule's avatar
WOW! This looks amazing! :wow:
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I like to think that some distance away, the one she wishes to see will somehow hear this song.  Beautifully done!
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