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The wonderbolts - Full

By viwrastupr
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While performing a Cloudsdale show, or just practicing, the wonderbolts strive for excellence in flight. It's kind of interesting how some folks interpret them as entertainers with partial military background and others go full military. I think I go more for the former than latter, given Equestria's normally peaceful nature, and I like the idea of Rainbow Dash striving for a performing art as that seems more in line with her character. She's a bit of a tomboy, but likes some select girly things too (nuzzling a parasprite comes to mind) and it's a nice balance.

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Spitfire, Soarin and Fleetfoot? Who's the looking orange maned pegasus just below centre frame and a lil further away? Almost looks to me like two Spitfires..?
Any chance I could use this for cover art on a SoarinFire wonderbolts story?
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Who are the three tiny little pony blobs near the pillar? (There's teal, blue, and pink one)
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The Wonderbolts are really cool. I like these guys a lot, even though I am not athletic at all. Maybe it is because I like to imagine flying. Either that or Rainbow Dash's enthusiasm is contagious. One of my favorite ships is Rainbow Dash and Soarin. I especially like the episode "Newbie Dash".
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doth my eyes decieve me,or is that a dagon in the background?
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Awesome work.
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Yeah, another good artist. :dummy:
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This is excellent. I love the colors you used.

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I think wonderbolts are like first responded as they get there first before the main unit get there to take care of the rest of if
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The detail in each character and the scenery are amazing in all of your pics, but your pegasi always stun me the most. I'm not sure if it's the feathers or just seeing them in flight, but well done.
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