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The temptation - Dec 26th

The desire for apathy. Not having to care about ponies and their friendships. Not having to solve all those problems. Not having to burden the responsibility for decision after decision. Just be a normal, apathetic shmuck.
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Without the descriptor text below the picture, the title you chose makes Twi look like a recovering alcoholic.
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The description reminded me if Undertale for a second.
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You got a little dark with that description. I just thought it was about booze. =p
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Brilliance. Masterful use of lighting here. Well done /)
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Twilight: Hmm. Should I try this for science and research on its effects of ponies's body or-
Rainbow Dash: Just drink the damn thing!
T: Patience, Rainbow. I still have to make this decision on my own.
RD: Ugh!
T: Uh... This shouldn't be too damaging on me, right? This... is simply a little glass of that liquid they call alcohol. But still...

One hour later.
RD: H-hey Twi... I... I got to say that...
T: What?
RD: Y-you're still at-at your first g-g-glass?
T: *sigh* Yes.... I- I couldn't....
RD: N-not even a s-sip? *sigh*
RD: Wait!
Dash took the glass and drink it up in a single gulp.
RD: Ahhhh... S-see? T-that was not so..... uh-huh...
She collapsed.
T: Oh my Celestia! Are you okay, Rainbow? Uh, Dash? Dash?

Wonderful work
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Must not drink!
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Do it, Twilight...Doooooo iiiiiiiiiiit! >:3
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Nope.Not the way out.
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Drinking to get away from all the problems in the world is the cowards way out. Face everything that comes at you and deal with it, and if you can't there is always a friend that has your back. 
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nobody has to be perfect all the time ... besides, drunken friendship is best friendship :D
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I don't recommend it as a way of life, Twilight. It's not as pleasantly blah as you'd expect. Eventually, if you fall into it as a lifestyle then all that's left is a strange sense of hurting that doesn't come from anything.

Go ahead and pretend for a few hours, but not for even as long as a full day.
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I expected this to be about that picture of Twilight spilling a glass of chocolate milk.
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This! This is what I thought about the drawing, lol!
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Don't, Twilight. Carry that friendship 😦
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