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The story of Pinkie's curls

In the show Pinkie gets curls in her hair as an expression of her exuberance, but this picture changes the idea and it speaks to Pinkie and Fluttershy's friendship. Pinkie talks, and talks and talks and talks. Fluttershy listens. The two spend time together with Pinkie expressing herself vocally while Fluttershy busies herself by adding some fluff to pinkie's mane. Pinkie goes goes on and so does Fluttershy until every last hair is curled.

For me this piece strikes a chord as it's a similar dynamic I have with my own friends.
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How have they never had a duo episode?
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What about the Buckball episode?
SciTwiShimmer's avatar
AJ was there to so...
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True. We need a PP+FS episode.
SciTwiShimmer's avatar
Couldn’t agree more!
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So so so so CUTE!!!Love Love Love Love Love 

Its going right into the Fav's!!!Love Love Love Love Love 
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Your wonderful style adds even more magic to them :) 
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As an introvert, I like friends who talk a lot.
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How pretty.  The scene of those two is very relaxing on the eyes and the mind.

Terrific job!

I hope that you have a great and blessed day!
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Picked this up at EFNW. Thanks for coming!
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Happy and kind. And cute! ^_^
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Andrea Libman must be so confused!
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That is amazing!! The colors are spectacular!!!
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That's so beautiful <3
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By the way, it's really too bad but when we download this, there's some bad grain on the picture, it's in bad quality, probably because of bad JPG export without keeping 100% quality. Or maybe because DA compressed a .bmp to jpeg without keeping original quality, I saw that happen in the past. Any luck we could have a new download for this in original quality? Thanks in advance! ^^
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This is lovely. Makes me wish there was an episode that explored their friendship.
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LOVE this concept so much!! I'd be both Pinkie and Fluttershy here ^.^
Also amazing expressions, lighting and colors!
Goodness this is a cute scene with these two! With the muted color and the appearance of light filtering in I get the feeling of this taking place somewhere near the edge of the Everfree Forest.
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Ho-ly crap! I adore this cute picture!! <33
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Dis is cute as fuck! I love the gay!
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I love this!  And the idea about how Pinkie get's her curls?  I'd like to make it my new headcannon.  ^.^
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I love this concept. Suits them very well.

Awesome work
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How sweet and gorgeous is this!? Awww!!! ;u; I love this so much!
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