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The battle of self - Dec 15th

I'm going to revisit this concept when it is not so pressing that I finish each piece in a day.
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I am using your artwork in a YouTube video that combines, "Lullaby for a Princess," "Luna's Reply," and "Luna's Soliloquy" into the first Lullaby for a Princess Trio.

I have given you credit alongside the many other artists who are featured in the video. I do not intend to make money with your hard work. Please let me know if I have not given you enough credit or if you notice something I could improve.

Okay, I would add a link, but it seems to trigger a spam alert. OMG! 
Just type in, "Lullaby for a Princess Trio" in YouTube, and you'll find the video there.
Hope you enjoy! Singing 

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Is this a lion king reference?
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Remember who you are, Simba- I Mean Luna~
IJoinedForPonies's avatar
Awesome, good work! ^^
mlpwonderpony's avatar
8D wow,just,wow.(i have no words)
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NM: Luna... You have forgotten who you are and so you have forgotten me. Look inside of yourself, Luna. You are more than what you have become. You must take your place in the Circle of Life.
PolaroidRaptor's avatar
This is awesome and Beautiful! x3
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this, this is now my favorite thing
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It could be just me but i think the wings are tilted a bit too strong :D Still awesome though :D
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And then epic battle ensued.
I love it! Reminds me of Dragon Age :D
templar127's avatar
That looks so epic!
Shinytheblossom's avatar
I think it still looks cool.
Vorefan0077's avatar
Everyone's going on about AoT or some other anime anime.

Meanwhile not ONE PERSON has made a Mufasa joke yet.

Internet, I am disappoint.

Luna, remember who you are!
DoughnutJoe's avatar
Glad someone did it.

Yes Luna, remember who you are.
Return to Equestria, overthrow your usurping relative and take your rightful place as ruler!
wait, no, actually don't do that. :D
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HOW? How is this thing more scary as a big cloud than as a cloud of stars?
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*Some intense anime theme starts playing*
Dang. Self imposed time limit or not I like this.
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Now the Tantabus being completely humongous above in the clouds is on par with scaring any pony that gazes upon it above, beautiful but scary!
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Attack On Tantabus
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