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The Flower Ponies Full

Gardening at the edge of the world may sound precarious, but the three flower ponies of Ponyville Lilly, Daisy, and Roseluck, are committed to their work, even if they do get distracted by the odd adventure from time to time.

Do you see how this piece and Zecora's are connected with #thebigproject ?

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How very Greek. I like how you have them working on those flower patches. It's very cute.
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Best flower horses!
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Wonderful work. I find that so adorable when they take stuff between their forelegs.
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Oooh a sky garden, loving this idea!!
"The edge of the world"? VERY interesting!
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Surprisingly, the hashtag #thebigproject wasn't taken? :o
Oh, Daisy.  What has made her gaze so whistfully?
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This project of yours... holy ass, just pondering the sheer scale of it.
I am gonna be impressed...
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how many pictures are there yet to come?? how massive will the finish one will be?? this is awesome man ^^
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