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Starlight Glimmer

Who needs wings when you've got magic?

Well, almost everyone. But not Starlight!
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Wow. That is so pretty. Starlight is awesome. If I had to pick one of the three kinds of ponies to be, I would like to be a unicorn. Twilight and Rarity are the two most relatable members of the main six. They tend to dwell more on abstract thinking. Rarity is into art, particularly fashion. Twilight is into intellect, particularly magic. The unicorn's magical ability aids the knowlage and the skill in using the abstaract. Starlight Glimmer, Sunset Shimmer and Shining Armour are all unicorns. They are all awesome. The one downside of the unicorns is that they lack physical strength and they can't fly. I can do without the strength since it is a less interesting power. I would like to fly though, so I will miss that. It is amazing that Starlight is a unicorn that can use her magic to fly. That is awesome. Maybe there can be magic to move heavy loads and allow one to swim. That would also be awesome.
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very pretty!
great picture!
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IT seems like the writer are having it set up so that Starlight alongside Discord, Trixie, and Thorax becoming the Guardians of Harmony. While the Elements go on journeys beyond Equestria to become Harmony Bringers.
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Well, everyone knows Starlight is an alicorn in disguise. 

BTW: Perfect work :clap: 
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Damn i get identical idea months ago, but no matter how i imagined it in head You  made more prettiessts artworks than any of my imagiantions
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Starlight Looks Awesome in your style

almost wish Twilight could do this before she became a Princess
and Ratrity too but she's a Fashion Designer I Respect that

 Sure Twilight Looks good even with Wing's
but I'll admit Starlight looks Really Magical
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Twilight Sparkle could do this before she became a princess, she did it on King Sombra's stairs.
Redpandawarriorgirl's avatar
those magic wings are so awesome though.
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Look at this please

Your style of drawing is so cute :)
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A fallen angel is still an angel, those who have lost their way in darkness can still be guided towards the light.  The heartache of your past is now forgotten, the magic of friendship is now on your side.  Spread your magical wings, Starlight Glimmer, be the angel you were meant to be.

I really love how you've drawn this; Starlight looks very adorable and beautiful at the same time, which is to me, how she usually looks.  Her expression, to me, looks pure and reflective of her redemption, which she truly deserves in my eyes, especially as I didn't view her as completely evil in "The Cutie Map" parts 1 and 2.  To this day, I much prefer this look for Starlight, and would have much rather they had kept it, but I understand why they changed her look.  I love the way her wings are created out of her magic, as it gives it an almost spiritual look, and I love the sky background, it has a nice amount of clouds to stop it being a simply blue, but not too much to draw attention away from the blue. 

A beautiful and adorable drawing of a beautiful and adorable pony, I can't help but love it.
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Like an angel in the sky Gabby the Griffon icon 
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Adorable and beautiful at the same time.

But still, it pays to have backup. Magic + Wings all the way!
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BEAUTIFUL!!!  Love the outline and the wings!  So originally beautiful Love 
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That is adorably beautiful! :D
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cutie cute <3 Starlight Glimmer (smile) plz 
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This makes a lot on cents to me
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