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Spitfire in the clouds

A kind of a reimagining of this older piece: Spitfire's Wings. by viwrastupr with less clutter about the background.

A commission for a friend.

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You create amazing Spitfire artwork. If you ever have the time I would like to commission a few pieces from you. Just let me know when you have any openings, and if they line up with any freed up resources I will very much make a request from you. I'll be watching you from now on for more amazing artwork.
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So peaceful and majestic, love the wings. A true mythical pegasus! 
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I love the shape of the wings, and that the shoulders are above that of the foreleg shoulders. It just looks really good.
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Hnng so beautiful.
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oh! a cloud on fire or fire on a cloud?
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man those wings....THOSE WINGS!! So BIG! but that's what makes in special and beautiful. ;) (Wink) 
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It's so beautiful I'm gonna cry. ;A;
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Now this is a lovely piece. Good work on you. :)
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Definitely one of my favorites by you so far :)
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Ah, so awesome and cute!
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Very magnificent! the light shinning behind her and on her wings makes her look very majestic. I think your lighting is one of your strongest points, keep up the good work!
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Your wing style is beautiful! Meow :3 
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You seriously know how to makes them Pegasi look so majestic and fantastic.

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She has got to be an angel. No other way my brain can comprehend this. 
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Amazing! She looks so beautiful and curious :)
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She looks beautiful and graceful like that!
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