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Sometimes you just have to dance

By viwrastupr
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My last print to be made before bronycon starts.
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Vinyl man just one of the most inspirational creations ever! 
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Viwrastupr, I was honored to meet you at BABSCon this year, and to buy this print from you.  Thank you for bringing such vibrant life to this "musical" character!  :)

Whatever you do from now on in your art career, and wherever it takes you, I hope you will continue to delight and captivate people with your amazing art.  Best wishes to you.
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P.S. I got my print framed and put it up on my wall!  It's gorgeous!
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This Vinyl is a unique Vinyl!  At least, I think so.
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My, Vinyl, you look really nice without your glasses. :D
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I really like how you've softened her with out taking away from her image. Other artists keep the hard edge, especially with her mane, and here we can see the spikes, yet they're soft, giving her a ladylike aura, in place of the hardcore dub step DJ.
Please, tell me there's a way to get a print.
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Indeed. I will be selling her as a print at EQLA in just two weeks and she'll be around at other cons I am at. Due to copyright stuff, there's no way to get a print online.
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Drat! I won't be able to attend any other cons this year. Well, I can at least add her to my favorites. 
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This is some great stuff. It's just a shame this guy has to post it without credit to you.…
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Wonderful work
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Oooh! Very colorful, electric and great use of eye-flow!
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I want to be in that dance!
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Scrolling through an eqd drawdriend and I just needed to stop on this one. Don't even know why, is it the great coloring? Is it her smile, and not having her shades on? *shrug* all I know is I really like this piece. Excellent work! =)
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Great re-imagining of everypony's favourite DJ - YEAH!!! /)
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i am not a big fan of mlp art but i just have to say the way the music notes charm her moves is just perfect. it looks great
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Pants Man Dance GIF I can dance with my pants!
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Gorgeous composition!
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Wow... I am amazed right now. Your art has this really unique quality to it, I just completely love it! :love:
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