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Shining Armor and Sunburst Parenting - full

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As nice as Shining Armor has been portrayed in the show, he's always struck me as a little bit empty headed, so charging headfirst off a balcony to chase your baby that can fly when you can't seemed right up his alley. Fortunately Sunburst is there to keep things under control. Hopefully.

Yes, that's Twilight's cutie mark on a bookshelf behind them. Twilight gave Cadance and Shining Armor a bookshelf. Yes, it came with many books.

No zoom in on this one, because the composition didn't demand it.

A building? There hasn't been a building yet. This is an absurd late game addition. Madness. Who else could be in it?

We're more than halfway through the piece now. Isn't it exciting? It's time for me to say that with the piece I'm making a personal announcement, so stay tuned.

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LillyTheOmegaWolfProfessional Filmographer
LOL! Need mum! She at least can fly :)
ScarabsCorner's avatar
ScarabsCornerHobbyist Traditional Artist
lol oh my they've got they're hooves full
SaryTheWolf's avatar
SaryTheWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
Poor Shining. Oh, look, there's Discord.
GreatTeacherDiCenso's avatar
GreatTeacherDiCensoHobbyist General Artist
Flurry!  Don't drive your daddy nuts!  (Or cause him to fall off a building!)
Pony-Berserker's avatar
Pony-BerserkerHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice picture.
But I think Shining Armor would just use his magic to catch her. He might be empty headed but I think an MLP unicorn would do just that. Sunburst would try that too, I think... =P
ShimiMouse's avatar
ShimiMouseHobbyist General Artist
Love the picture overall but aore the teeny Discord on the bookshelf
dSana's avatar
dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, wonderful. You always create such amazing atmosphere.
jshepard19's avatar
LOL and cute
EverlastingJoy's avatar
EverlastingJoyHobbyist Filmographer
Um, Shiny, you have magic.
RainyMoments's avatar
RainyMomentsHobbyist Digital Artist
hahaha, yeah I can see that happening, cute idea. Makes you wonder which of these two Sunbust really has to babysit. :giggle:
cajobif's avatar
Awesome work
DavidsArchivist's avatar
DavidsArchivistHobbyist Writer
Excellent, as usual. I've really enjoyed #thebigproject pieces.
However, Twilight would be sad, volumes IV and V are out of order!
JAEneth's avatar
JAEnethHobbyist Digital Artist
Shining, if you love them, you gotta set em free. You gotta let your daughter spread her wings and fly away!
templar127's avatar
Shining! Use your Floaty magic thing! XD
NicolasDominique's avatar
NicolasDominiqueProfessional Artist
Really lovely work :D
zenitraMsj's avatar
A normal father'
princesscadance2016's avatar
princesscadance2016Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is so so cute! Finally a Baby Flurry heart and Shining Armor moment I hope Cadance comes soon....And good job you do good on every single one!😁
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Schwarzer--Ritter's avatar
Schwarzer--RitterStudent Traditional Artist
Shining Armour is just worried, because Flurry Heart might crash into Pan coming the other way.
HaefenZebra's avatar
This is really wonderfully done, fantastic job.
whitebearboy's avatar
Great picture!
auren-dawnstar's avatar
Probably a fear shared by every non-pegasus parent of a pegasus in Eqeuestria.

Though likely not shared by actual pegasi parents since Fluttershy was actually pushed off a cloud by a flight camp instructor. Which means they probably treat early flight much like many birds do.
Remiqs22's avatar
This is simply amazing!! Those colors just... aaa~!!
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