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Princess Cadance Reads - Full

By viwrastupr
While the boys take care of her daughter, Princess Cadance takes a moment to cast love spells and read.

Let's see... who's next? Whom have I left out of the project so far?

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*Poof* love heart.
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You probably didn't notice but both links are to the closeup. cx

And awesome art as always ;v;
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Really awesome work :)
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As much as I love the concept of a bunch of self-contained images all coming together to form a cohesive whole... well, I took the time to download and assemble the pieces you've posted so far, and the overall composition of the assembled piece is, to put it mildly, completely wacko. The most egregious thing I see is Doctor Whooves being several times larger than the Castle of the Two Sisters. Also really bizarre is Big Mac standing in Sweet Apple Acres, while simultaneously being a few feet away from the Changelings that are standing just outside the border of Equestria.

I'll let the crew of MST3K sum it up:…
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And behind her is the scene you made with Shining Armor, Sunburst and Flurry Heart.
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Can we see the full picture next?
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A new Book Horse :D Amazing Work :3 
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Beautiful just Beautiful!
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