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Pegasus magic

What started as a wing study ended as a rainbow
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Breathtaking! Beautiful! I'm in love!

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Music  if my attitude determines the altitude my wings wont let me downMusic 
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the detail in every single feather is amazing X3
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I Love the size you made her wings! Its perfect!Love Love Love :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:  The rest of her is just gorgeous!Love Love Love 
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Excited Rainbow Dash chat emote Es increible! EqG Rainbow Dash (Fistpump) Plz
This is one o' the best Rainbow Dash
fanart pieces I've ever seen!
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Draw a pair of wings, as a pony to it, call it Rainbow Dash.
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la qualité d'un tel dessin est sans aucune mesure ! Tu est incroyablement doué je suis époustouflé ! Bravo !
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Holy heck, amazing work.
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Those wings are amazing. I also like how "smooth" the shading is on RD along with how you've hidden just a smidgen of her tail behind that tree to add depth to the picture. Nice job.
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Nice work!😉
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I love the wings.
I always felt pegasi wings to be too small in the show. In depictions of greek pegasi, they have the wings the size of cars.
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My word, this is so freaking awesome. I love the expanse of her wings, and the colors truly pop. The backround is richly detailed, and I am in awe of this! Wonderful in so many ways!
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I saw this pic at Bronycon this year
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Love this picture! Such beautiful colors and drawing style! Great job! Pink Heart Icon 
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The entire picture is great, but the detail you put in the wings takes it to a whole other level. Wonderful!
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Soo cool! Light is amasing! And you draw wings so perfect and beatiful!
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This was used as the cover art for a song from the album "This Equestrian Moment":
EGOMANIA (Original Mix) by Silva Hound (ft. Blackgryph0n)…
i noticed that two and as i comment this i have only just found this pic
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