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Octavia and Vinyl - full

By viwrastupr
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While these two live in opposite spectrums of music, one on the edge and the other more conservatively classical, I imagine that the passion they both bring to music allows for some collaboration.
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"I say, Good show!"

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Beautiful music and a great view.

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Goodness, that height scares me!
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Such awesome music can only be made by two ponies! :D
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What an incredible concert! I envy not being there.:XD:
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you certainly work very fast, you must have a very good work flow
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This has to be one of my favorites. I do not know, I just like it a lot. Or perhaps I am biased to anything that contains Octavia
Um...Fancy's mustache is above his nostrils. 
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i think those are his glasses?
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No, he wears a monocle. The blue stripe on his muzzle is supposed to be his mustache, but it's misplaced.
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well, I kind of forgot what he worse tbh. But thanks :)
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oh yeah I just noticed that
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