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Lunar Serenity

A Collaboration with :icontsitra360: featuring Luna instructing Twilight on the ways of lunar magics. Go see/favorite his version here: Lunar Serenity (Collab) by Tsitra360

Lots of fun landscape in this particular piece.

This piece will be available as *two* prints at bronycon. The luna half at my booth and the Twilight half at Tsitra's. I am booth 416 and tsitra is just down the aisle at booth 406

 Hope to see you there!
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Fave'd because of how it uses the perspective of a portrait to encapsulate a landscape without the colouration seeming off re. the lighting.
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You two did an awesome job with the two princesses enjoying a little time in nature. There are too many bright and wondrous elements to comment on every one. First off, the goddesses themselves look fantastic, so regal and downright enchanting in their poses. Better yet, they look quite contented. (I guess that means the lesson is going very well.) Great thought framing Luna's flared wings with the crescent moon too. :)


The background is fantastic as heck, so majestic and imposing. Nice sense of scale too, and the rainbow waterfalls off the large hill add even more charm. The whole scene is very lively and quite magical to behold. Thanks for making and sharing.


I just noticed that there are two copies so I figured I'd copy my comments here as well – it's just that wonderful a picture. :)
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Love the pose of them. Looks very regal.
almost like Last Air Bender Twilights learning moon bending 
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this is pretty! I love luna and twilight.
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for some reason i get a star wars reference here
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oh i like how you added both the old and newer Luna into one design :D
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This is simply divine!
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It reminds me of fan-fiction "Princess Trixie Sparkle", when Trixie steals Twilights body and then is lucky to have the power of princess and can rule the world etc., but Luna hears it and tells her it's not so easy being a princess...

Amazing, btw.
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Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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You always manage to create such amazing environments. I don't know if you have ever played the PS1 game Chrono Cross, but they always remind me of that.
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Fantastic piece. You seriously make incredible works when you work together.
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This is right before Luna does a cannon ball into the very deep pool Twilight is magically standing on. LOL
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This is sooo amazing! I love how mystical and beautiful this looks!
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its awesome! Luna looks great especially
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