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Luna's Garden

Another experiment in a more cartooney style. Plain, but pretty.
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She’s Beautiful! ❤️
great picture!
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LyraArtstrings's avatar… I used your photo in my latest deviation, thought id give you a heads up!
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You've used my piece without my permission. Please remove it immediately.
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Lyra why you stole this person's lovely art work? such disgraceful...
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I used it i didn't steal anything so do some research and read before you make assumptions... 
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She looks like a Disney princess :aww:
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Loving the soft transitions between the blues on Luna's face and mane. The background is beautifully minimalistic while still providing depth and spacial awareness. It frames the subject well and doesn't detract from her.
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Pretty is not the word. She's limitlessly lovely and gorgeous.
Astonishing piece.
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Stunningly pretty. If I could, I'd love this expanded to a wallpaper resolution! 
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wow, It looks gorgeous, very neat and beautiful work))
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Love it

Wonderful work
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Very nice, I like the background too :)
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The lighting is a bit like as if she was underwater.
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Like in her dream, gardens are full of tranquility.
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Beautiful as always!!!
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