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In Her Light

An anthro Princess Luna contemplating all that she is.

Commission for :iconmidnight-aperture:

If you like my art and would like to see it ahead of time and/or would like to see more consider supporting me on patreon:
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pegfan's avatar
Beautiful she just needs some sparkle in her hair
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
I... love the "art nouveau" style of the balcony. :-)

And that Luna... :-O
Cynthrey's avatar
*reverence* my godess
Dream9884's avatar
littlemario1's avatar
your Luna pieces are sooooo...Pretty!
I just wanna fav them all.
BronyNo786's avatar
total rip-off from this (just sayin')…
midnight-aperture's avatar
I've never even seen that movie lol.. I gave the description for this picture from a mental image I had in my head from a story I was working on months ago :P
JetPowerFIE's avatar
Beautiful wings...Mind if I use them for reference?
EmilyLovesBirds's avatar
This strangely looks like an Elsa scene...
L-MASTER's avatar
beautiFULL and wonderFULL :D
PeppermintChew's avatar
I love this piece, it's beautiful! :'3
Granonis's avatar
Really getting a greek goddess feel from this. Very well done.
MKroo's avatar
EG or humanized ponies aren't my thing, but beautiful image, love the use of light, even though its a predominately dark image! :)
EverlastingJoy's avatar
Very pretty! The lighting in particular really gives this image a sense of livelihood and vibrance.

Nice job on her figure, it's very modest and I like that.
Joakaha's avatar
Beautiful! ^^
b25Roman's avatar
She is looks very lovely, you certainly out done yourself with this one. :) 
0Alfa's avatar
Moonlight: a beacon of hope amidst the cold darkness. :)
temporos's avatar
Princess Luna is purdy... :icondurrrrplz:
templar127's avatar
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