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Identity - Dec 13th

As much as we'd like to deny it, we are our bodies and, if in a healthy relationship with them, we come to love them in part or full. There are many wings in Equestria, but these are hers, and they perform great things.

Patrons see things first and keep me fed so I can have a body:
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This is truly beautiful and stunning. I never pictured Spitfire as such a stunning creature as this before.
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Amazing wings they're so beautiful
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This is stunning! Beautiful wings!
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Powerful use of lighting giving an almost ethereal feel 
Kansasjeeper's avatar
Those wings are awesome!  Great job!
Ellamina's avatar
Those wings....I think I've fainted. 
templar127's avatar
Wow, that is probably one of the most gorgeous pictures of Spitfire I've seen to date!
IBAIPshow's avatar
Heavenly amazing. Exquisite technique and grasp for lighting. Well done /)
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Whisperer-of-Winds's avatar
Oh,  I love the wing work of this one! Well done indeed ^_^
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That is really pretty. Very soft colors, I love it.
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Those wings are gorgeous!
3vilpyro's avatar
this is absolutely stunning
hunterN05's avatar
I love these kind of pictures, lordy lordy~

Nice job!
Baron-Engel's avatar
The piece has an almost Art Nouveau look to it not a bad job on the transition between the warm and cool colors.
Northwestcore's avatar
This is simply beautiful, now to find a way to make this my desktop background. 
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Wow! The transition in lighting is really smooth and draws the attention of the viewer to the most important parts of the painting right away. Thank you for showing us this.
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