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Hah ha! That's fun.
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"But I better get rid of all that stuff. Umm.... Maybe as a collector... a salepony or... a auction pony? Or any pony who arrange messes? Gah! I hope I won't get one for that!"

Awesome work
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Wow! Niiice!!! Looks really great!!! :la: :la: :la:
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y is her scotter there in that " not her thing "?
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Classic Scootaloo :) Lovely art.
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Are those stacks of United States Dollars!?  How'd she get those?!  Also, how does one Pony anyways?
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Keep trying Scoots!
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What the? Is that a question block? It is! Wonder what she was trying to go for? Cutie Mark Princess Rescuers? 
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Pretty sure that stalking is her cutie mark :3
Neat pic!
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Poor Scootaloo... she tried so hard already.
But she will go on. And she will find her cutie mark.
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I would participate....but you set the level waaay to high for me XD

Good luck! ^^
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This isn't an entry, its the poster for the contest announcement.
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Then I'll consider it. :la:
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How did she get ahold of this wad of cash?
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Cute Mark Crusaders counterfeiting!
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Lol. "How to Pony." I would like to know how to pony as well...

Is that the real Angel Bunny or a plushie? (And is that real money or play money?)
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Real money and real bunny.
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I see rainbow dash :squee:
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Love the book "How to Pony"! Keep trying, Scoots. You'll find it eventually! 
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