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Her Wings

Between the day and the night there is twilight. Between the earth and the stars it sparkles.

Its unusual for me to obliterate the background like this, but fuzzyness of it all emphasizes Twilight more which I found to be neat.

This initially started out as a horse muscle study, then became a fuzzy study then became a light study, which morphed into a composition study. So many studies, but I like to think I learned a lot and made something of note. Were I to do it again (which I'm apt to do more wings in the future as I adore wings) I'd change quite a bit, yes, but as it is I think its okay. Still not good yet, but okay. Getting there.

Edit: Since this piece has been stolen for sale by a shill on redbubble I think it is important to state that I have given no permission to anyone on redbubble to use this work or a derivative of it.
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she lies between light and dark...
great picture!
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Beautiful Bookhorse! Nice work!
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Beautiful, I love the merging between the cartoon and a more realistic look :)
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I just followed a link from EQD and found myself compelled to favorite three different pieces back to back.  I'm tempted to favorite this one too, but instead I'll just add a watch.
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Oooh, I like this, very much. :)
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awesome! i especially love her butt. can't stop looking lol.... so well drawn.
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That is one fantastic horse butt; really, they are hard to do! Excellent anatomy study overall and the composition gives it a very interesting atmosphere.
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The wings, the lighting, the whole thing is absolutely whimsical and beautifully done
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She looks great, majestic. But then, that's kind of how everything you draw is.
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Hello. Does this person have your permission to be selling your artwork?…
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Wings are awesome! :)
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So unique! <3 Outstanding!
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This is absolutely incredible. Fantastic job, man!
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Really love the detail and the contours of her wings.
Her hooves are something to be praised too!  very real feeling
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So cute and beautiful!
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Really nice!! This is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece. :D
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Pretty Pretty Pretty Pretty Pretty Pretty Pretty Pretty Pretty Pretty~!
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They catch my falls and yet, serve as a burden of responsibility.
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Seriously, this is possibly your best piece of Twilight.

Amazing work on this piece. I love watching them with more natural equine beauty It shows that you love wings, because they look fantastic. If you think this is not good yet, I can't wait to see when it will.

Maybe never. Continuously looking for getting better. Keep up the great work.
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