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Hang in there

Pinkie's constant message to the world, neh?

I'm trying to put together a poster series of ponies in time for bronycon (and hopefully some for everfree as well). I may redo the text at some point, but for now, have a Pinkie!
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just the thing to view before exams. thanks Pinkie
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For some reason I thought of Spooky's House of Jumpscares.
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I don't smile but im still adding you to my favs.
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I want to hang this up in my room!
Do I have permission to print it out?
Also, can you sign it so I'll always know who made it?
I just thought of Smile. HD Not good..
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It's always easy to smile when Pinkie's around.
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I think I don't need to ask how she can hold herself... it's Pinkie ;-)
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Ever since I have stumbled upon you I have not been able to get enough of your amazing artistic style! I absolutely love the way that you present each piece and this is no exception! The character design is wonderful as usual and I love the way that you make the segmented parts of the anatomy very prominent which adds to the overall aesthetic beauty! I was very allured by this piece for many reasons, but mlstly because Pinkie looks so cute and encouraging which really gets the message across! The environment may be somewhat minimal but it is still lovely all the same and makes me feel even more drawn into this piece! The lighting and shading are great and I love how you treated the contrast between the two! The color work is also very lush and beautiful, and it really ties every other facet of brilliance together! This is yet another fantastic piece from someone who I am very happy to call one of my favorite artists! Amazing work as always! Kind regards, Princess Luna
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Dawwww! So adorable! Lovely motivational poser to hang up in an office. X3
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I know it sounds like a cat poster, but it's true
You ae a llama.
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Oh, yes, yes I do have a llama, did you catch me reference?
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Cat  posters!
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Your likely about to fall to your death, don't just fucking hang there, take my hand you crazy bitch!
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Pinkie would not die from something like this

:iconcharlesbarkleyplz: :iconsaysplz: I may be wrong but I doubt it
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I would love to get this as a poster for my room!
This has so much detail and the shading looks so perfect! c:
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