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Clouds! So many clouds. While this piece went through a few revisions as time went on, it always had the spirit of being the highest up high cloud area. It was kind of interesting to balance the different cloud types against Griffonstone while keeping Gilda as the main star.

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Sparkly... This makes Griffonstone look like a giant eagle's nest. Cool.
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And this one, the previous 2, and zecora's stack on top of eachother and make the left edge and then the Cmc go between zecora and big mac on the bottom! :D *Does goofy victory dance*
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This is gorgeous!  Outstanding work!
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Nice pictures. Also, you're missing the "next" link.
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Love those clouds!
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I'm glad that the griffons are as delighted to enjoy a beautiful night as the pegasi were in your recent picture. :) The sky is no less fantastic, perhaps even more brilliant with the tiny, wispy clouds at so many different distances giving the scene more depth – making the realm of stars and planets appear to be so wonderfully vast.


The griffons themselves are quite lovely, so beautifully drawn and outstanding in their bright colors. Better yet, you captured some of Gilda's (reformed) personality, a tough customer you don't mess with though now a little more open. Gabby looks as friendly and happy, even awed by the world as ever. The third close one seems contented as she darts about, making me think that the new attitude among these fine beings is working out well.


The tree/nest and included city looks wonderfully earthy and cozy, and the grand castle is magnificent. That one tower up high is charming and quaint, and it's heartwarming to see that the tree itself still bears life.


Anyway, before get too sentimental, it's just terrific in so many ways. Thanks.
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wow, simply amazing!
When the griffons of Griffonstone come out to play on the starry nights, they make everything look cute.

But Gabs, you're losing your letters :O
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I really like it! The starry night against the beautiful city look amazing and Gilda flying just make it look all the more grand.:D
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Awww! The colors in this are really good!
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You should make this a puzzle cover
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That looks awesome!
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