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Fluffy Luna - Dec 31st

By viwrastupr
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As little as we saw her then I always liked season 1 Luna's design. Plus there was the character herself. The idea of forgiveness changing a personality resonates with me.

The very last piece in my 'studycember' art a day challenge to myself. Patrons see it first/keep me fed/give me hope
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This is incredible! I love the shading and the way it's coloured so much :splee:

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A second i thought its a alicorn trixie. the blue is just too bright
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I thought the same thing:)
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I thought this was an alicorn Trixie XD

Very well done.
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That's what I thought too:D
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Oh my gosh, this is so wonderfully drawn! I absolutely adore the details on this piece! ((And the eyes are literally perfect oh my gosh))
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Oh so fluffy! <33
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This is amazing! Nice job and I love the way her wings are drawn. Have a nice day! ^w^
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what program did you draw in???
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I totally thought this was alicorn Trixie until I saw the image title (I missed the crown, I guess).
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Me too, until I saw the crown.
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woah woah woah woah woah woah woah and WOAH
thats all i can say for this amazing picture because its so amazing :D
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I would pay at least $200 dollars for this and I don't even get an allowance. That is how stunningly beautiful it is <3
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Oh my goooddd this is STUNNING <3 
Beautiful and cute!! ^^
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It's pictures like this that make me want Luna to be Trixie's mom.
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I'm siding with Lunar-White-Wolf, I'd be hugging her forever too. Wink/Razz 
This is just so beautiful!!
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I like the textures of fur, hair, and feathers. Very nice!
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Beautiful! Great job!
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omg I could just huggle her for an eternity like that,.....I wuv you poona!!!!!!!!

very nice Rastupr!!!!!!!!
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