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Finding Celestia's Origins - Dec 5th

Everyone likes to throw Dash into the daring do adventure like scenarios, but we should remember that Twilight is the one who introduced her to the books in the first place. This pic takes place in an alternate comic from the one I'm currently doing.

Special thanks to :iconhuussii: for lighting advice/help.

As always patrons get things first:
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Now I really wonder if Celestia was the first pone or something like that
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Looks really good!
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It's ironic really... A show about friendship actually pulls people together to create irl friendships! :D
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ERMERGERD!! so purddy!! congrats on making equestria daily, well done
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So... pretty...
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wowieee! This is a story I'd love to read, too.
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Wow that's beautiful! :)
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This is beautiful! :D The colors are incredible! :huggle: :heart:-Kay
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