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Derpy - Cloud storage - Dec 30th

Muffins do not work that way!

Also available as a mug/sticker:…
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Kyoshyu's avatar, that would be the perfect publicity. :)
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Best cloud storage! Cause there's no lag!!! XD
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I should have named my cloud server as Derpy !
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Looks great

"I just don't know what went wrong" sounds like a good slogan for a cloud provider. 
Sadly they don't look that cute when they make an error :D 
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Daww that's so cute! X3 Haha I love all those muffins stuck in the cloud there. XDD Hahaha I know that's the whole point and all but still cute. X3 Haha Derpy looks so precious. X3
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Must have a bad connection, the network is dropping packets. 
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Before Fall ends, the Derp Horse can be found storing muffins for the winter.
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I am farily certain clouds do work that way. I can clearly see them working that way :P
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Now I trust the cloud 
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Heh, clever and cute!
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Very nice work!
I like how you did the clouds.
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