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December 20th - utter failure.

Its important to note that not every day or every art is a success. Some concepts don't work out. Some studies end with a derp. Experiments don't work out and concepts die with a whimper.

You make good art. You make bad art. Life goes on.

About half the art I make never makes it past patreon. Speaking of which: Patrons keep me fed/alive.
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I understand. While others may love it, it could be hideous to you. I actually find this quite pleasing to the eye but I hope one day it pleases you as well. :)
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What do you mean by utter failure? It's amazing, even though simpler than most of your works. Keep it up! :)
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Very gorgeous. I love the styling of her wings. :)
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Absolutely brilliant. Great interpretation of Twilight. Demonstrating solid expression and emotion. Worthy of being in a traditional offline gallery. Well done /)
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I like this style a lot. It looks really pretty.
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I still like it, even if you think its a complete failure. :3
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The style of this is lovely! Beautiful work :D
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It looks really good. Kinda Like SHE failed to do something important. Keep drawing.
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I like it It can still be used.
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But I like this :C
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