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Cowpony Applejack

Alternative title: The Desert Rose.

We all know Applejack is attached at the hip to her family, but i imagine she'd get along just fine in the old west. I intended this to start out as a push towards cartoonifying my methods, but I ended up spending some time on the hair.... a lot of time on the hair. About half of the time spent on the pony was spent on her hair.

First time using a watermark. I hate to. but my art tends to get spread around a bit and it'd be nice if people could trace it back to me.
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Well Twilight has gone to lose herself in the Badlands and AJ has to find her.  She has to get answers. She has to know. With your permission, Viwrastupr,  I'd love to use your image in a scene where a certain group from a certain cargo ship carrying some vey interesting ponies... From a highly desireable Madam to a mechanic that can fix anything till it's "shiny" to a former military commander, a preacher, a doctor and his genius sister. 
The chapter is under construction but will soon enter book 4 in the  "Tomorrow Never Knows" series called "Carry That Weight."
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The watermark is fine ^_^ It is out of the way and not plastered all over the middle like some artists do that basically ruins their own art.

This is beautiful.  I can clearly see all the effort that you put into her.  Her hair is gorgeous.
If I were going to offer any critique at all the only thing that I would know to say is that she looks a little skinny for my taste.  It's mostly just a headcanon thing with me, but I always imagine that AJ is a larger than average, muscular mare.  
Again, that's just me.  She is still ridiculously gorgeous here and I wouldn't even know how it could be better on the technical side or artistic execution.  This is truly wonderful.
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REALLY fantastic AJ design! i just love her outfit. 
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Beautiful work! I love the scenery as well as her attire with all those added details. Her hair looks amazing. :love:

Personally, I prefer it when watermarks are added. I often find great artwork online and try to trace it back to the artist, so a watermark makes it so much easier.
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What a beautiful expression that you gave her!
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Wow...! So beautiful!!! Love it! :heart: :love: :heart:
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Without beginning any ship.... This would please Rarity, since she kept trying to improve her friend beauty.

Awesome work on this. It really put Applejack in valor.
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OMG so lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I tend to like your thicker brushstroke look, but wow. The detail in this is amazing!
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I would have stuck with the alt title, honestly. It fist much more how wonderfully decorated she is here. 

Another fantastic piece of work ^^
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The Hair is really good ^^ so i guess all the work was worth it, but just to mention it the rest is really awesome too :P!
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