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Celestial Anger - Dec 17th

A bit of a wing/value study.

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Wow. That is a great picture of Princess Celestia.
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I'd expect her to look more wrathful.  She looks like she's in a fight but keeping her cool.
I dig the reflections on the shoes and appearance.  Nice detail on the tail flow, too.

I like the flying buttresses in the background!
FullmetalRainbowDash's avatar
Is that Anor Londo? That has to be Anor Londo.
cajobif's avatar
Wonderful work
AspiePie's avatar
Anger is my middle name!
clubpenguin1's avatar
so very awesome :)
Joakaha's avatar
lonesome-wolf-child's avatar
Whoa, Celestia looks so epic! :D And definitely at a point where you dun wanna mess with her. 8B;; Haha Amazing details on the feathers/wings! :D They look lovely. :aww: The shading for everything in this piece is pretty awesome, too, especially with how the light is peeking through the clouds and onto Celestia. :aww: Amazing work! :D
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You dare anger the almighty Sun God, you shall be reduced to ash!
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Damn this is beautiful.
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aaahh really cool!
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((((( charging horn )))))
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Right shoulder(her right shoulder) is misplaced a bit and a weird wings position(perhaps a bit above shoulder joint?), but the rest is good.
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