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Celestia's Army

By viwrastupr
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Very large scale commission for :iconsolvius: for his story here:…

This... was a lot of ponies. Celestia's armor was particularly fun to put together. Have a close up here: Cel closeup by viwrastupr If you want to see all that there is please view at full size.
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If you want peace...

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You must be ready for War

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Is this by any chance a Ponyfication of Way of Kings? 
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It must be! The bridges, Shardblade, the Chasmfiends. Not any particular battle, but a Chasm run for sure!

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I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! Princess Celestia Icon Profile 
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I applaud you and the level of detail that you have packed into this piece of art. Every single piece of Princess Celestia's armor that we can see has a different cutie mark on it, displaying her devotion to every one of her little ponies. Each pony in her many battalions are a different color and wear a slightly different set of armor. The scale of the little ponies versus the foes that they face down is very apparent, and Celestia's position far above them, waiting to leap into the fray if her little ponies start to falter, speaks to the power that she holds and the prospects for victory that they face against the Changelings. And the Changelings themselves, each one uniform in color and posture, disappearing into the mountainside in the distance... Overall, a masterful piece that has immediately been used as my computer's wallpaper.
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GO CELESTIA!!!!! :D (Big Grin) 
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If this is all what celestia can bring to battle, than my OC country would wipe them easily.
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That's the thing about OCs, isn't it? They can be as weak and as powerful as you like or that your self-image needs. I've fallen into that trap a number of times myself whilst writing fan-fiction.
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Wow, that's a whole lot of epic. Hats off to you, man.
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Celestia has a bunch of her subjects cutiemarks on it, that is how to be a ruler, Honoring your subjects
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Defeat Luna's army!!! :D (Big Grin) 
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Woona's army will live on!
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Woona still wins!
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Tia is the real winner! =P (Razz) 
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Look at all thoses colors ! It's like a rainbow fighting !
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Why people like to see pacific, cute and lovable characters into war? Maybe because fans like to show them that they can be epic and badass.

Awesome work
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So detailed...
How long did this TAKE you?
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see's the pic ( oh nice art work)....(sees the giant bug)...(What in the Gods!! is that such Abomination O.o)
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