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A city perched on the edge of a mountainside cliff doesn't sound all that practical, but when a third of your populace can fly, another third can do magic, and the last third is literally of the earth, perhaps it makes a little more sense to sacrifice accessibility for majesty. I think of Canterlot as a relatively new city, something built after Luna's banishment and the destruction of the old capital with it's eventual decay into Everfree forest. It worships the sun in its aesthetic, but plenty of references to the moon as well, giving balance between the royal sisters.

This piece is a bit out of right field, it has no shared edges with any of the as of yet previously released pieces, but it also has no ponies to zoom in on, so have a nice and full piece all on its own.

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Wow, this is definitely epic!

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I think we can forgive Canterlot's impracticality in light of the shear coolness of it's concept. Personally I love the idea buildings and settlements on cliff sides or in tree canopies, that sort of thing.
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This is beautiful.
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Wow, great job
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That shining city on the hill.
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There's this place that has the same inaccessibility…
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So beautiful! I love the colors!
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Supposedly the city was around since before Equestria was even founded, and was home to the group of Alicorns that Celestia and Luna came from. Which might explain the city's rather unusual location and layout.

Of course that's only if you consider the Journal of Two Sisters canon.

Still though, an amazing rendition of Canterlot and it kind of makes me wish I had more free time to practice on backgrounds myself.
So beautiful, I love those colors!
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Wow the colors and everything look so gorgeous!!
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So sparkly and beautiful!
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You have very good reasoning for why Canterlot is where it is. I just assumed it used to be a shanty town built around a blimp port.
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You are on a roll!  A new piece every day and each of them is fantastic.  Thanks for sharing such amazing works of art with us.
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Magnificent! I'd like to have view on this city from my window
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how long does it take you to do one of these drawing?
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I really want to use this as a background!
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This is one of the most majestic drawings I've ever seen of Canterlot!
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