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CMC - Crusaders of the Lost Mark

Having their marks does little to deter the cutie mark crusaders from going on an adventure!

Sweetie Belle didn't mean to take Twilight's cutie mark. Starlight Glimmer was talking about how easy it was and Scootaloo, Babs, and Applebloom were teasing her that she couldn't do it and the next thing she knew Twilight's had disappeared.

It was just the left one!

But still, Twilight demanded it back, only it was kinda sorta gone. Gone gone.

And so the cutie mark crusaders are off, galavanting across Equestria, chasing after a rouge cutie mark.

This is my newest print which will be available at EFNW this weekend. If you're not a print fan, or you're not going to any cons, you can always get early art on my patron:
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I find it hard to describe the beauty of this wonderful picture. Simply amazing.
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The colors in this are so vibrant and pretty. I really like the contrast between the ground and the sky and how they all sort of fill in the bottom left corner. It probably won't come out for awhile (if it does), but can I use this as cover art for a fimfic?
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Sweetie looks really cute here :) 
thenetsurfer's avatar
Does anyone else start thinking of the Phil Collins song, "On my Way" from the movie Brother Bear looking at this?
Creativegirl64's avatar
PLEASE tell me this is a fanfic!
MaskedMenace833's avatar
Lovely picture that really stirs the imagination :)
AhmadaFadhil's avatar
Darklordcomp's avatar
I really want to write a fanfiction with this picture and the plot that you wrote XD
qeveren's avatar
This would make a genuinely-good episode plot.  Or half-plot, if you're Twilight. :D (Big Grin) 
ButteredRobot's avatar
Oh my gosh the picture and concept are spectacular! 8D
BB-K's avatar
That's a wonderful sight to behold for the 4. :)
ArtStude3n2's avatar
Simply beautiful. :)
JaedynOfPyrrhia's avatar
Your art never ceases to amaze me.
owl--star's avatar
Yes. All my yes.
GhostPhoenix84's avatar
Cue "Raider's March" :)
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Equinoxsparkle's avatar
I wish babs had a shield scissors cutie mark
MisAnthroPony's avatar
Wow, this is so cool!
DoughnutJoe's avatar
And that's why the McDonald's toys only have a cutie mark on one side.
Oh wow!  Such lovely lighting.
GingiviticCinema's avatar
This is incredible!
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