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Blossomforth, Derpy and Cloudkicker close up

Free muffin! Wait.... no free muffin... Free friendship!

Friends share muffins, yes?

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Beautiful pictureLove !
wildhawk441's avatar
Quick, get me two more muffins, STAT!Muffin icon Muffin icon (this way the trio are truly happy.)
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She stole her muffin! The rascal! D:
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I love the way you did their wings.
BronyNo786's avatar
That cloud style is pretty unique
Batbrony's avatar
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, my favorite pegasus trio!  A fellow Winningverse reader by any chance, or just a fan of how this group looks together? :D
beautiful colors! 
joeyh3's avatar
D'awwww, so cute! I'd snuggle them all! <3
Shamy-Crist's avatar
ohh is beautiful!! :D
Shamy-Crist's avatar
ohh is beautiful!! :D
Abigailcatpie's avatar
I have a feeling that all these pictures your uploading all connect into one big picture (maybe?)
Rushanbo's avatar
That's what I was thinking as well!
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