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Applejack in a bamboo forest

The process for this piece was a strange conflagration. It started as a study of anatomy, worked its way towards being a nightmare moon, but suddenly applejack came out and the colors are their own thing entirely.

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Whaaa, awesome ! The background is great, too. It gets more and more realistic !
I love the way you did the Cutie Mark this time; it looks... well... less cartoon-y, and more like actual skin/coat pigmentation.
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Its an interesting balance between cartoon like and art like stuff for the ponies so its fun to experiment with things like this.
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Gorgeous! Great work! Clapping Pony Icon - Applejack Request- Free Applejack icon (2) 
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Very nice, I like how you drew her head and legs.
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It's missing something...hmm, I can't quite place my hoof on it.
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Reminds me of Okami (the game everyone knows about but few played).
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Very interesting. The figure is very interesting indeed.

I think the colors are also fascinating. It feels like an old Far East painting, the background and colors yet retains a lot of Western designs too, such as AJ's design.
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wow, amazig!!!!!!!!!!
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Beautyful!!! I love this so much!!!Love Love Love 
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Wrist joints are on wrong side?
Pony's chest and front legs anatomy is a riddle, i copy here cat's anatomy - cat can do all those movements, what does ponies, cat can sit on the bench like Lyra.

And here looks AJ too thin and weak for hard farm works, that condition and proportions remind me Celestia, AJ must be shorter and plumper.
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Though the perspective is a bit wonky, it's still gorgeous!
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It just miss something to be perfect...
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I was going to say the same this fella above me: Fantastic anatomy. ^^

The background looks really good too, it's like a painting.
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Applejack saw you drawin' nightmare moon and was like "NO!" >: O

I love the legs. 
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Purple and it works surprisingly well. 
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I think that the legs are a little too skinny, but I guess its just because I'm used to seeing the cartoony legs.
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