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A pegasus stalks her prey

Is it AJ or her Cider?

This is my latest print made for MWBF.

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Looks like Applejack's going to be in for one lightning fast prismatic wake up call...Giggle Giggle Giggle Giggle Giggle 

Either way, its going in the fav's right now!!!Love Love Love Love Love 
awesome picture!!
I say it's the cider!
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Gosh i love your wings 
catz537's avatar
OBVIOUSLY it's the cider
Dash has an unhealthy cider addiction
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"Is it AJ or her cider?"
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*insert Jaws theme here*
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I hate this ship but I like the art of that makes sense.
ShadeWingWARRIORS's avatar
It's the cider (i hate this ship 2, i ship FlutterDash X33)
Applejackfan4ever's avatar
hmm a cidervore....yeah flutterdash actually makes sense i ship it. your avatar is cool btw
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The cider of course
Damn lovely colouring.
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Now what's she up to?
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*Is it AJ or her Cider?*

:D (Big Grin) Tis a silly question. Wink/Razz Dashie can take the cider AND annoy AJ at the same time.
This definitely looks a painting.
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Is her pray the cider or AJ ('s plot ?)
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this picture is so perfect <3
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Then Surprise tickle attack!!
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I'm gonna go with the cider, lol. Great picture!
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