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A Place for Pegasai

In the clouds above the flowers, above the Everfree, the pegasai play. While none of these ponies have been given much time on their own in the show, I feel like the fandom has explored numerous possibilities for their personalities and friendships, which can give them all a special place in any person's heart.

It's all coming up. Has anyone started to piece the puzzle together yet?

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Damn beautiful.
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Surprise :D Derpy <3

I like that you drew the landscape as visible through a gap in the clouds, it's very well done.
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Love the colors and setting!
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Was the background based on LoE map? I can see a similarity here.
WidowPeak's avatar
Wait, these are all part of the same picture?! O.o Bloody Tartarus!
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
Beautiful simply beautiful.

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Nice cloud waterfalls!
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I'm starting. Still a lot of gaps, though, as nothing lines up at the moment.
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It's quite a beautiful and wondrous place they've made. The flowing, swirling forms of the cloud architecture is fantastic and even magical, yet it feels like it shares some little inspiration with the subtle dendriform themes popular among earthbound ponies. It's touching that they would make sure to have so many beautiful plants to enjoy and add even more life to their haven as well.


There's also a certain feeling of comfort I get from it being built against that mountain peak, keeping it somewhat protected from the jet streams and other weather phenomena that could disturb or even damage this paradise. The starry sky is gorgeous, especially with the little glowing dots of other planets and that ethereal, almost mystical cloud floating by; the pegasi's gentle orbs of light paint the clouds in the most beautiful twilight colors while also making the ponies themselves shine – though their personalities are a big part of that as well.


The waterfall shower looks like it would be pretty powerful yet the filly taking a shower seems to delight in the high pressure without any impact on her hovering. The resting and playing pegasi up top are adorable, though I think the one who's waiting to enjoy her muffin after a nap is about to have a rude awakening. ;)


It's truly a beautiful and awe-inspiring scene. Thanks.
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This looks really awesome :) I love the color palette and shading.
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This looks really cool! And having Suprise behind the waterfall is a nice bonus!
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this is amazing!
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