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:iconvivyi:Vivyi posted a status
Marcilyn went through a LOT of changes over the years. Here's some of them c:

Marcilyn Locket 2015 - 2016+

This was her first concept design. She used to have white skin and black hair, alongside brown eyes. c: I was going for a "Inventorish/Scientist" feel for her. I quickly realized dresses did not suit her. (Yes she had short hair! I know, I should have stuck with it! xD  )

Marcilyn Locket Original Concept Art by Vivyi

Her final concept (at the time) was created here:

Marcilyn Locket by Vivyi

Again, the pale white skin and black hair was apparent. Her outfit is still being used today. xD I love it too much to change it hahaha

Classy Marcilyn is Classy by Vivyi

This isn't her official outfit, but I quickly realized the boyishness of Marcilyn's character. My friends helped me realize this fact whenever I posted MarciEstellie pictures hahaha I changed her skin tone and I changed her hair to brown, to better suit her setting and where she's from. Overall, she has a much different feel than what she had before, but it seems to suit her more.

Times are Changing by Vivyi

This was the first picture where Marcilyn's physique was more apparent. It made sense to draw her a little more muscular than she'd been, as well as more square shaped. xD

Happy Valentines Day 2016! by Vivyi   Lock Me Away, Marcilyn Locket...Marcilyn Locket was no good, short, and unfortunately clumsy. Every time the princess assigned her to do a task, Marcilyn handled it in the worst possible way. She'd knocked over equipment, lose Estelle's goggles... and even lost important tools. When it came down to inventing a machine, she'd find herself drawing a blank on planning ideas, and sometimes: she even purposely coaxed the princess for ideas. In the end, she was a complete, utter mess and she knew it.
It seemed ever since Estelle had brought her back to Netheron from the Palace of Henna, Marcilyn knew they'd be great friends. Truth be told, Marcilyn knew Estelle liked having her around. She wasn't much taller than the self esteemed inventor: she stood only around five feet, two inches tall, with a crazy little grin. A grin so peculiar... yet so honest. She was lean and limber: and Marcilyn was secretly envious of her hourglass figure, that the princess flaunted wildly with her charm. The young inventor was only two inches s

Marcilyn found love in the prequel, all because of the story "Lock Me Away, Marcilyn Locket..." which was posted because of multiple people's encouragement. xD It turned out to be one of my greatest stories of all time, still hitting a high 7 favorites! WOW (That is way more than most people get I think... lmao xD ) Even if the events in the prequel are pretty tragic, Marcilyn and Estelle have their own spin off story based off of Lock Me Away in comic form! (Which will come to you during the mid summer, probably~ depends on when I get done with my storyboard! :D I want to make sure I get at least 15 pages done before I begin posting it hahaha xD )

Finally, lately in the development of Marcilyn, it seems like the short hair is making a come back, mainly because some people really want to see Marcilyn with short hair (me too! XD ) And it seems like it may become a thing hahaha xD So there may be a scene with Marcilyn cutting her hair off in the sequel, you never know! XD

The Princess and the Inventor by Vivyi

Overall, Marcilyn has grown to be a well loved character in the series of Netheron! :heart:

Some interesting facts about Marcilyn:

-Marcilyn's name means: Dedicated to Mars in Latin.
-Marcilyn is Thai, Spanish, and has a small amount of British in her, but the British is not apparent in her appearance. Vevenon is completely Thai (Starrechian), while her mother is nearly fully Spanish (Heneurockian), but also has some British in her (Drethanarian), having relatives from Drethathon and Heneurock. Estelle on the other hand, is purely French. (Netheronian).
-It was late into her development that she became Bisexual. I originally had no plans to make her so, but I was very tempted to do it from the start, because that was how I viewed her character.
-Marcilyn has a mischievous side, but it's never apparent except around Estelle.
-Marcilyn has had 3 exes, but each of them taught her an important lesson, even if it were sometimes painful.
-Marcilyn is a charmer, but she's rarely confident about herself, and is known to put others before her, sometimes so much that she ends up letting people walk all over her.
-Overall: Marcilyn is one of my favorite, well developed characters! I hope you like her when the prequel comes out!

Devious Comments

oscurabella Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2016  Student General Artist
Her development is amazing! You have put a lot of thought and effort into her, I'm loving it!
I really like how you go in depth as to her roots and the meaning behind everything, etc. I also just love your artwork in general, Vi :)
Can't wait to see how she evolves in time to come!
Vivyi Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhhhh thank yooou <33 I really love developing  characters, and Marcilyn is currently my top favorite next to Estelle! This isn't even half of what I have come up for her - her story is very, very complex and diverse. I plan on writing her POV into the Netheron prequel before it comes out. I'm bound to shed a few tears by the end, and a few giggles as well xD She's definitely a charmer though! I'm glad you like her <333 I do too :D
oscurabella Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2016  Student General Artist
Im really excited!!! Didn't you say a graphic novel will be coming soon or in the future? I am really looking forward to it :)
And yea she definitely is a charmer, I seriously love her looks so much xD!
Vivyi Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhhh I'm glad XD Ohhh yes! I do have plans for a comic in the future! c: It's an adaptation of Lock Me Away Marcilyn Locket, if you've ever read that story. Alone it is 35 pages, and I've only mapped out 11 or 12 so far, so I have a long ways to go before I start on the final! xD Regardless, once I finish mapping it out, drawing the final should be easy since I've made my sketches as detailed as they are now c: I'm glad you're looking forward to it! I'm excited too XD

Awwww thank yooou <33 I'm really glad you like her! <333 I really love her too xD
oscurabella Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2016  Student General Artist
I do love her! and ahh awesome Vi!!
can you link me all your stories in order? like which one is the first part to your story, etc. Im seriously interested Vi so please send me! I also really love reading too haha :D
Vivyi Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmmmmm... that'll take a while... but why not? XD

A lot of my oneshots are spin offs (in fact: I think all of them are, they are a ground of experimenting for story elements) so I'll probably go in order of where they would fit the most in the prequel.

Simple Secrets: A Netheron Short Story (Mae is 10 here, which takes place 4 years before the prequel begins. This is Mae's POV )

The Will of the Way: A Netheron Short Story (This takes place when Estelle is 13, possibly before she meets Marcilyn. However, what is revealed here, is no longer relevant to the prequel. )

Marcilyn Locket: Inventor of the South (Marcilyn is 14 here, which means that this takes place when Estelle is 13. At least, from what I remember. The version of this in the Netheron prequel, contains romantic feelings. )

Teardrops and Sunflowers v2 (There is no age here, but this takes place after Marcilyn comes to the kingdom. However, it is a spin off and therefore doesn't actually happen in the prequel. )

The Forbidden Library: A Netheron Short Story (Another spin off, this time with Marcilyn and Estelle going off and finding out more about their sexualities. This happens when Estelle is 13 years of age. Hinted to happen in the prequel, but between Estelle and her father, instead of Marcilyn. )

Teaching the Princess to Dance: A Netheron Oneshot (The more romantic spin off of the prequel's dance scene, which is more comical instead of romantic.  This story inspired that scene in the first place, but I couldn't make it the same atmosphere as such. )

The King's Son: A Netheron Short Story (The early development between Otto and Estelle when the prequel was first in the process of being developed, however - a lot has changed since then, and Otto x Estelle is no longer a prominent pairing, and is heavily onesided by Estelle. [Otto is in love with her, and she  doesn't feel much in return, but thinks she does. ] )

Lock Me Away, Marcilyn Locket...  (The ultimate story that first sparked the MarciEstellie / Tea Cup Pairing concept. It's in a alternate universe, as in: what would happen if Otto did not come by at the time of the prequel. )

Tea Time v2: A Netheron Short Story (A hint into Estelle's lifestyle in the main Netheron story, and how she feels about her role as princess. )

I'll also post this as a timeline in a status in case anyone is curious of what order these go in :)

Also, if you feel like reading the old version (which is SUPER old if you ask me, I created it senior year of high school XD ) Then you can begin reading it here in this folder of my group:


Or here:

Netheron Cover  by Vivyi
oscurabella Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2016  Student General Artist
Wow you have made so many stories! Definitely bookmarking the link to this entire comment xD
I just have a question, how long did it take you to make this much? How long have you been working & developing this entire plot etc.?
Vivyi Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Yep, I really have LOL XD You can also find a list here: Netheron Chronicles ArchiveNote to everyone: These Short Stories are highly experimental and are likely to change in the books themselves. In fact, all of them would be considered spin-offs to help the prequel and other books develop. Take note of this while reading... thank you!
This will be updated whenever a new short story is made, and it will be put in order of sequence to the Novels.

The Short Stories and Their Approximate Order:

Simple Secrets: A Netheron Short Story

Summary: Mae, a curious ten year old begins to question her step mother after noticing some strange circumstances.
The Will of the Way: A Netheron Short Story
Slightly inspired by our conversation XD I plan on putting the future shorts stories, comics and books there with non-spoiler summaries as well. c:

Let's see... probably around 3-4 years (Since 2012-2013) for most of the content.  I'm rather slow with story making since I'm also doing art and poetry on top of that. Netheron itself has been under development since 2012, around the same time Estelle was first being created. It's been an LGBT story since 2015, and a novel since 2013. It originally started as a school project for my senior project in high school, and because of the success with it online, turned into my own personal project where I would develop characters with background stories and draw them. It essentially is the thing that made me popular on dA. No joke XD

I've probably been working on developing the plot around the same time, at least since 2013-2014... I originally was just going to make Netheron a one book standalone, but it was too good for that fate XD A lot of people really enjoyed what I had to write, so therefore the world has expanded and my characters have been developed further. Netheron's LGBT content was a recent decision after the story "Lock Me Away Marcilyn Locket" was created, and MarciEstellie became a thing, and now it currently being turned into a standalone comic of an alternative universe. XD

So in a few words probably 2013-2016 for the short stories and 2012-2013 for when I first started to develop the plot. :giggle:
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Arasteia Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's really interesting to see her development! She looks so odd in dresses at the start :o I'm kind of glad you changed her design XD And yuuuuuuuuuuuus short hair! It looks so good on her! Short hair for the win :giggle: 
Vivyi Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I thought I'd post something interesting about Marcilyn and see if anyone noticed LMAO XD Hahahaha, she did look quite strange wearing that dress xD I'm glad too! And yesssssss she must have short hair at some point in the story LOL XD I should do a poll about that! Hahahaha
Arasteia Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah well yes I definitely noticed :D Yes you should do a poll, because I seriously think her getting a haircut would be so awesome! :D
Vivyi Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhhhh! I'll hop on to it then! :XD: *runs to make poll* xD
Arasteia Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eeeee I'm off to answer :D
Vivyi Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Yaaaay <333
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