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:iconvivyi:Vivyi posted a status
Two things!

I want to recommend this super amazing asexual webcomic I found on dA called Aces Wild!

Aces WIld - 01 - Labels by SallyVinter

If you would like to know MORE about the asexual community is a very sweet comic-like format, please check this out!

I can relate to some of these experiences myself, even if I currently identify as Queer! And some of these made me chuckle at how true they are and I would say as somebody who's identified as asexual (both Demisexual and Gray) in the past before, a lot of this is extremely accurate to how I see the world as well. It's a very accurate way to represent the ace community, which in a sense I can't say I've ever truly left.

Second - 

On my blog, there is a new page!…

THIS is the new page:…

It's a portfolio for some of the work I've done as a whole in terms of art.

I MAY remove the Lock Me Away Marcilyn Locket prior comic link and replace it with this as well!

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