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:iconvivyi:Vivyi posted a status
I have an upcoming journal I'll post later on today about my new blog. But here's the lowdown of what my blog might contain:

-Writing Topics
-LGBT, Mental Health, Disability resources / compilations
- Informative articles about those communities
- Occasional personal experiences / FAQ about my writing
- Updates about Drethathon
- Interviews, Novel Reviews, and Analysis of LGBT / Diverse fiction / Classicals
- Potential freebies like exclusive wallpapers, writing guides, or comic previews
- FAQ dedicated to the LGBT, Disability, or Mental Health experience.
- Education and what you can do to respect people of these communities.
- Shout outs to other authors or creatives who write diversely or support writing diversely
- The option to contribute and ask questions about writing, diversity, or both.

If those things sound interesting, keep your eyes open for my upcoming journal entry! I will detail a little more about how I might go upon doing these things.

And remember: the blog goes live November 8th! This upcoming journal entry on dA will detail a little more about the whys of my decision to start this, alongside an opportunity to help out!

If you would be interested in any contribution to help jump start this blog, let me know below and let's connect!

Otherwise, you can pop down and send me suggestions once I get my journal out tonight :D

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