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:iconvivyi:Vivyi posted a status
I'm rewriting my own status post  from earlier today, especially since I was practically skyrocketing on caffeine. I only have 15 minutes, so I'll make it short (honestly, considering I'm a writer, consider that ... not "that" short ;P )

Basically, I am sick with a viral infection, and for a while it was getting pretty bad, but I think I'm slowly recovering. But while I was majorly sick, I had a hard time doing any work. So if you noticed a little franticness in my last status, it's completely because of my stress level. It's pretty dang high right now, even if it seems like I am calm, because I'm managing it extremely well.

I have Monday's QSA at 1:00, Tuesday's Career Appointment at 3:30, Wednesday's counseling appointment at 1:00, Thursday's counseling appointment at 3:00, and Friday's QSA leadership meetings at 1:00 next week. I am also balancing that with 6 hours worth of homework, and work on Sunday, and I'm wondering just why-in-the-heck I haven't gone completely insane by now.

But honestly, lately I have found I am doing incredibly well in stressful situations, and I'm even taking charge quite well and not getting overwhelmed. I even find time to write, be on social media (usually on the bus and during wait periods) So a normal person looks at this and screams, while I feel like this is somewhat, and honestly "fun" to me. I guess I have learned to adapt to crazy environments from my job, and what used to stress me out, no longer does and actually even makes me work hard - but I do need a break every once in a while, which is why I have Saturday - that's my lazy day. XD I also use Friday as my day to take care of my mental health, with bathing in herbs and oils, and I recently decided to have my meds completely in the evening, so everything all works out, and I stay mentally fit, while having great energy.

I am very, very well mentally right now - I have a few hiccups here and there (like earlier's status) but overall, I am doing incredibly well, probably the best I have since... ever. 

Anyway, I have to cut this short (well, as short as I ever make these statuses). I'll talk about some art / writing updates, post some new art / writing, and be more active in general once I finish with my homework tonight. I'm going to try to post some new things by tonight, because it might be the only chance I get until next Friday.

Don't feel like you have to comment on this, I just rewrote this for my own security - I will be back later tonight if I'm not too tired!

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