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:iconvivyi:Vivyi posted a status
Hey everyone :)

I've decided that I'm going to mainly upload writing projects / poetry and do more graphic designing / make up quotes  for this account - on a temporary basis until I figure out my issues with motivation art-wise.

I may also start writing articles about writing, and mainly turning this into a "writing-based" account. I haven't completely given up art-wise yet, I just haven't had the motivation to draw for a long time, and it has been more than 6 months since I have taken it seriously, or come up with anything productive!

So if you see  any art - it's probably going to be mainly book cover related. I might even take requests when I get more comfortable - and then we'll see from there.

This means that my Instagram will likely turn into mainly a quote / author-related / graphic design based profile - on a very temporary basis until I regain my motivation to draw.

Again, this is not a permanent fix, but this has been ongoing for a long time, and I feel it's now time to shift my focus and overcome my fear of uploading and communicating with others. 

Hope you don't mind the change. If you're thinking about unwatching me for this change, please keep in mind - that you followed this account knowing I am both an artist as well as a writer, and overall: I will have times where I do one more than the other. I can't please everyone since I do a wide variety of work, so please be patient with me!

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