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:iconvivyi:Vivyi posted a status
*edits for clarity so I don't just sound like a salesman* :XD:

Wanna learn something for free / very cheap? (Including writing?)

And while I'm at it... Learn from a university for free?

These are basically alternatives to university, if you can't  afford to go. Sometimes they're the same type of class, just with a greatly reduced (and affordable price). They are usually self-paced, but hold a great accountability for you to prioritize and get the work done on time. Another  downsize is, you might not get 100% the  same experience as actually being in a university, but you still get basically the same education, for a far better deal. And it's all done online, so if you're like me and get panicked having to deal with speaking... well, you're in luck (unless you somehow have to use a mic... but that's not 100% likely LOL)

But hey, they are really great at getting motivated to write ;) I'm a fan at the very least... lol I would love to enroll in some free courses once I get out of my third year of college... :giggle: I'll tell you all how it goes!

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