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Netheron Related Updates

Fri Dec 14, 2018, 8:10 AM

it's been a long time since I've updated people on my novel progress, or even been able to update people on how I've been doing in general on the more creative front.

Truth be told - I haven't been doing much! I've been really focused on my mental health, and haven't had much of a chance to work on my stories in return.

Today I had a MAJOR victory, which I was super thrilled about! Now I no longer deal with the delusions I've been facing, and I can now enjoy life like I used to!

Will you join me on this writing journey? Lemme tell you what I've been up to! The little things at least LOL

I've been revising my character bios ~~ there's some I'm gonna upload soon. Hope you like them <3 I know I promised them a LONG time ago, and I'm finally going to get back to working on it <3

I am planning on uploading the two short stories I've uploaded recently to Wattpad! And in return, the other short stories I am currently working on, I will release to Wattpad as well, and they will be on Wattpad only for the time being until I publize it. :D

I am still looking for Beta Readers for any of my series, so if you're willing to and open to Beta Reading, please let me know :heart:

Love you all <333

Vivienne Waltzer :heart:

Mental Health Update

Fri Dec 14, 2018, 5:49 AM
So guys, this is just a update on my mental health...

I am feeling well enough to return to work now... although I have to say, I don't know if my boss will give me another chance after I blew her off on a Sunday. I'm going to go to her in person to explain myself... it takes a lot of courage, but I'm willing to try!

Also, I just want to say to those who are suffering right now...

Please keep going :heart: I know you can do it, I have faith in you!

I am glad to FINALLY be motivated enough to work again and live my life the way it should be lived <3 I hope you can support me... I would deeply appreciate it :heart:

I may do a AU of Netheron this coming week, but if it's too personal, I won't submit it. Just to let you know! :D

I am Alive

Sun Dec 2, 2018, 2:13 PM
Hey all ;;

I am still alive, and I am sorry if I worried anyone initially with my goodbye journal. I'm hanging on by a thread right now, and I am very, very jumpy and going through situations not many can understand.

Please know, I will do my best to return when I can. I am going to a stabilization house either tomorrow or the next day.

I don't know when / if I'll return, but whatever happens to me... just know that I love and appreciate all of you, and would never wish what I am going through on anyone else </3

It's been so hard to move forward in life when you have such a debilitating illness like me </3 I have tried so much not to spend every day in sheer agony, it seriously feels sometimes like I live in my own personal version of hell </3

Perceptions become warped easily, and I have felt so many debiliating stress from delusions that I miss work because I get so sick, I can barely get out of bed...

And people treat me so differently now... and then I can't talk to those I used to before... I feel agonized...

The only way I feel I can improve my stress is through cognitive re-education, and praying every single day, every single day... because right now, everything is a challenge, and my luck has been horrible </3

I hope everything has been well for all of you. I am trying my best to hang in there, but it's been so miserable, because I have a lot of thinking I need to undo, it's just been horrible.

Bless you all, I love you so much </3 Please talk to me, I am incredibly lonely...

Your most lonely and absolutely broken Vivienne :heart:

Back from the Hospital

Thu Nov 8, 2018, 10:30 PM
Heya all ~

I'm very sorry for disappearing for such a long time... it's been like what - 2 months since I've been active fully?

I'm sorry to say that I need to break down some bad (and good) news. I've spent September and October in and out of the Mental Hospital (or Psych Ward, whatever you'd like to call it) and so as of right now, I am still trying to recover and get my life back to order.

My meds are completely different now... as is my mental health diagonosis. I happen to have Schizoeffective disorder, which really honestly sucks because it can affect my drawing and writing abilities... as well as how I perceive reality. In other words, I can have delusions which are frighteningly real, and I can forget that I did things even if I did do them, it is very frightening, and so as a result, I may need to continue to take periodical breaks from social media so that I don't get trapped in a delusional period.

I am still, regardless of these horrific delusions, going to draw, write and produce content as normal. I may not have a lot that I can put out yet, but I am working on it, and I will get there eventually.

It's very difficult, and I am very furious and angry that I even have to deal with Schizoeffective disorder, because it is the worst possible case for me, because I love to draw, write, create, and read all of your lovely works... and unfortunately, when I have periods of delusional thinking, I don't see things or percieve things correctly and I feel completely sucidal then, but let's not focus on that right this second...

Anyway, expect some activity when I feel more comfortable sharing what I have done. :) Peace out everyone!

Vivienne Waltzer :heart:


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What are Hsypheras?

Magic Avatar 2 by Vivyi

Hysperas are the psychics of Huerta – they don’t consider themselves "aliens" contrary to popular belief, as they are human by heart and mind. They are spiritually gifted, mutated by the alien atmosphere and their given birthright, and cannot be differed from Queras, or humans.

Types of Hsypheras:

  • Emiae

Future teller. Can predict the future in minutes, days, weeks, months, or years. Usually compassionate and lucky, sometimes artistically gifted. Tends to NOT take advantage of their abilities unless for the sake of somebody else. Very intuitive, and always wins at card games. In the high court systems, an Emiae is a strategic planner for the queen, though many Emiae choose to keep their abilities to themselves.

Estelle Tarot by Vivyi

  • Unie

Spiritual vampire. May take away an Hsyphera’s abilities at the cost of their death, or in other cases, completely drain or confuse other people. Tends to take the role of judge in the higher court systems, or as a royal punisher. If an Unie escapes this position, they are the everyday townsperson, and sometimes feel ashamed to wield their abilities.

Most Unies use their ability for good… but sometimes Unies use their ability for personal gain.

Lazy Daydreams of a Worried Lover by Vivyi

  • Hemaie

The Healer. Hemaies will use the white magic of their universe to heal. They can take away any illness, but certain ones require more healing energy than others and may deplete the Hemaie of their energy. Hemaies are sensitive, generally speaking, though some have been known to have a cocky edge. Their role in the higher kingdoms is healing their people and armed soldiers in the midst of warfare. A regular, out of control Hemaie will be constantly depleted of their energies and may suffer some aggressive behavior as a result.

Mae Victorine (2018) by Vivyi

  • Mamnaie

 Past predictor. Has the ability to communicate with the lost ones. The Mamnaie is a ghost-whisperer and can understand and know an entire person’s past just by listening to them. They are the first ones to know the danger of the hearts of their loved ones. Most Queens of Netheron are Mamnaies, but some are Emiae as well.

Younger Margarette by Vivyi

  • Psyhie

Queen or King of Hsypheras, usually have all given abilities. Most are queens. Generally, only ONE ruler is a Psyhie, but sometimes more than one ruler is a Psyhie. Sometimes neither are.

Times are Changing by Vivyi

  • Devaie

A Hsyphera who uses their abilities for evil. Devaienesents are Hsyphera Rulers who have fallen into darkness.

No Time by Vivyi


Alexander and Otto by Vivyi

Non-Hsypheras, Qeuras are regular humans who have never adapted to magical abilities on Huerta.

They are the remaining lineage of the humans from Earth and most of them live on Drethathon.

Netheron Related Updates

Thu Apr 26, 2018, 5:20 PM
To those following the Lock Me Away Marcilyn Locket comic (and everyone in particular - read past here for announcements for everyone)

I may have done a lot of style juggling unintentionally, but I'm settling on a paintery style that starts off as a sketch, turns into a vector - then turns into a paintery style.

Like here:

Yvette Violetti Painting 1 by Vivyi

Or here:

Somebody's Light by Vivyi

Also, I wanted to apologize for my sudden focus on "daydreams" for Marcilyn's character.

That wasn't originally written in the script...

Therefore, while I work on the next page for the comic - 

I am going to redo the previous pages to match the new vector-paint style and redo the interactions.

I feel I did not work hard enough to make it look appealing, and I also feel like the pages don't look "crisp" enough.

Most noteably - I am focusing it to make it look similar to Marcilyn's picture above - unsaturated, paintery, and yet crisp.

Marcilyn's picture only took me an hour, so each page will likely only take 3 hours.

Comic making is something that is new for me, and I think I should give you all my best quality work.

So if you've stopped reading past the third page - don't fret. Improvements are  coming <3

To everyone - 

I am uploading those two pictures soon. This is a close lookup at them.

I've found a way to combine sketching, vectoring, and painting in one go for an effective picture. It will take some practice and a bit more experimenting to make it effective, but I enjoy working on those type of projects more than painting OR vectoring - and it's a happy medium between the two, though I will probably still do commissions in either painting or vectoring, until I can establish this as a new style.

Also - I promised I would do commissions soon, and I'm starting them today! Here's my commission journal:

<da:thumb id="728467096"/>

The vector-painting style probably won't happen until later on, when I've solidified that as a style. It may replace the painting style, but I'm not sure yet.

I probably won't promote right away. My focus is the comic, but I figured I would leave it open just to see if anyone would take it.

For those following my short stories - 

I have 2 new projects in the works, among the 2 novels and comic that I am working on.

One takes place during the original Drethathon book - a scene with Estelle and Marcilyn at a picnic. I am currently editing it into a solidified short story about - well - the essence of pure love.

I will note: because this story is old, Marcilyn goes by she/her pronouns. I will try to incorporate elements of the newest book, but Estelle will think that Marcilyn is female - and therefore, it may read so like that. (Marcilyn goes by all three pronouns in the actual novel - she/her they/them and xe/xem - you're welcome to call Marcilyn by any!)

The other? As a result of the new poll that has gone out - Ramsephene and Otto won, so I feel I will possibly write an Otto-specified POV of his mother, and a traumatic encounter. There may be someone else who shows up in the short story - no spoilers if it happens - I will refer to them as "the duchess". If you know who that is, don't tell a soul. ;P

I am trying to turn away from my more LGBT-oriented content, and instead trying to focus on plot-specific elements of the actual story - WITH LGBT elements. I simply want to engage people with a story about love and show that all forms of love are beautiful <333


It is determined that if I write Ramsphene and Otto's story as canon, it will be apart of my new short story collection called Tales of an Inventing Witch.

If I write it as not canon, it will be posted here.

But it may be the story I select to post as my second short story for Tales of an Inventing Witch.

I am still planning on self-publishing as E-book only. Pricing is undetermined, but cheap.

The Duchess of Tears novel will be more expensive - perhaps published through a publishing company, but still undetermined.

For now, as my experience is still underwhelming - I will say that there is a chance I will send it off to publishing companies - but there is also a chance I will send it off to self-publishing. It depends on the seriousness I have with my writing career, and how much money I want to make with Duchess of Tears and other novel projects.

Duchess of Tears is going smoothly - I finally broke through a major writing block, and I am plowing away at the chapters. I am still on the same version I was, trying to finish... but I know that I will!

Tales of an inventing Witch has been at a standstill for a while - I was focused on the comic. I will jump back to it once I finish the comic, and the short story between Marcilyn and Estelle.

Quick Personal Life Update

I am starting a job as a writing tutor. Every Thursday, I will be there -  but I could possibly be there other days too. It's my dream job, so I am glad I have a chance to do it.

I've had some difficulty with feeling lonely with some personal life issues - gradually, I am kicking myself into gear with my school work - and focusing on that. 

I hope I can remain positive, happy, and hopeful for the future :heart:

- Vivienne C. Waltzer


Using Writing Programs for Organizing

Wed Apr 4, 2018, 10:43 PM

Using Writing Programs for Organizing

Hey guys!

First off, I want to apologize for the madness of my status updates or journal entries. Life's been really chaotic, and I may have said or done things I really shouldn't have. From here on out, I'm going to retain a moderately positive attitude, and avoid talking about the nitty gritty of my life.

Today, to make up for it, I'm going to teach you all some tricks in Word and Evernote!

Also I will introduce you to a new program called Trello!

What are ways to organize your writing as a writer? (With pictures!)

I use several programs to help me plan my writing, and to keep writing ( and art! ) fun and organized. 

Trello, Evernote, Word - all are beneficial to help you write. I'm a Word fan, and I use it for standard formatting. If you learn Word well, you learn a lot about formatting and it's a powerful tool to make your writing publishable. 

Did you know you can create links within word? Let me show you! Take a look at this image:

Viv Writing Tips 1 by Vivyi

This is a way you can organize your novel pre-write or your novel itself! This is also really nifty for when you are creating e-books, or nonfiction, or even tutorials for your blog! If you have a large word document, you can use these links to organize parts of the word document. Want a deeper look? Here you go:

Viv Writing Tips 2 by Vivyi

See this Link and Bookmark icon in Word? THIS is what you want! Both of these actually! We'll start with the bookmark icon...

Viv Writing Tips 4 by Vivyi

Name a bookmark that you want to save for later usage. I created "characterprofiles" to represent my character profile text. 

It will not work if you have spaces, so keep that in mind!

Viv Writing Tips 3 by Vivyi

This is the name of my text that the bookmark will jump to once I click the link of my hyperlink text.

Viv Writing Tips 5 by Vivyi

Scroll up to the top. Chances are, you'll want the text to be somewhere where you can easily see it when you first open the document.

Here is where I have typed out a smaller font, that I am going to be using for the hyperlink. 

This text (also Character Profiles) is where I will apply the link.

Viv Writing Tips 6 by Vivyi

Open up the Link tool, right above bookmarks.

Now, in the panel, I want you to select "Place in This Document" circled above.

Viv Writing Tips 7 by Vivyi

See the highlighted and circled text? This is your bookmark from earlier. Select it.

Viv Writing Tips 8 by Vivyi

Now, when you click yes, your bookmark should be ready!

Note: You MUST CTRL click your text, in order to get to the other part of the novel page. When you CTRL click "Character Profiles" it goes straight to the other part of the document. Cool right?

Now I am going to share with you a few other tricks too that I've learned too, in different programs. Let's take a closer look into Evernote, a writing accessory I've been using since forever.

Did you know that Evernote has WRITING templates?…

You can use these to help support your character development... and even the aftermath, when you are ready to publish your novel!

Another thing you probably didn't know about Evernote, is you can create a table of contents! Just press shift and select what you'd like on the PC version and this will appear:

Viv Writing Tips 9 by Vivyi

Circle "Create Table of Contents" and it will look like this:

Viv Writing Tips 10 by Vivyi

Then you can edit it however you please, to make it presentable!

Lastly, I wanted to share a lovely program with you called Trello!

I'm sure you haven't heard of it, but artists, you can use it for art too!………

These are examples of boards you can create with Trello! Writing, Comic, or Art - it has use for ALL forms of creative art, and even school if you so allowed! There are plenty of ways to use Trello, and it has integration with other apps, notably for free! (But do note: you can only use 1 per board on free version).

It's a bit self-explanatory, so I will not go into detail about the mechanics of using Trello... but if you have any questions or comments about any of these programs, I am all ears!

And please, tell me how well I explained this to you! If I didn't explain it too well... let me know and I will rephrase it for you!

All these of these programs are vital to my writing experience. My own way of planning is chaotic and disorganized because I am a huge panster, but if you're interested in my writing process... comment below, and I will tell you more about it in an upcoming journal entry.

Till then you guys :heart:

Viv out!

So I promised I would write a journal describing my final decision for the Lock Me Away Marcilyn Locket Comic.

I'll write more about Commissions on Monday - after the  craziness of everything my status said (if you didn't read, I am going through what I call "Math Hell" where I have to do 5 sections in 3 days, and a test all at once. ) I just need to stay low in activity until then.

I really apologize for the sudden hiatus with this... a bit my fault truly. I really want to be more active on dA, but it's so hard because of the math disability. Even my PROFESSOR (who coincidentally also has a mathematical disability) is telling me I am handicapping myself for not pushing myself to learn my times tables, and Factoring requires times tables;; so I've resorted to printing off a multiplication chart UNTIL I can get myself to see patterns, but oh my lord, it is so hard because I was traumatized in childhood over math and I always become super anxious as a result whenever I see things like Factoring T_T At least he is willing to help me work through it by sitting with me for several hours and working backwards with me. My god, he is so understanding ;n; I am so thankful for people like that. OTL

Anyway;; math ramblings aside: let me explain a little bit about the poll results.

The poll for the Lock Me Away Marcilyn Locket comic was a tie - telling me either style could work for this  comic! I just wanted to post more info about the pros and cons of each one. 

Pros on the comic style:

1) I could greatly improve with my art skills over time. 
2) It's colorful, and possibly fits the style of the  comic a little better than the vector.
3) It's very adorable, and really represents the characters well.

Cons of the comic style:

1) For some reason, lineart frustrates me, and I think my style looks cleaner without lineart. 
2) I'm not sure this style REALLY appeals to the general audience, it has very subjective taste.
3) It's not the style I 100% want to improve upon in the future. Perhaps with improvements, I would use it... but I'd want something without lineart.

Pros of the Vector style:

1) Clean, colorful, and attractive. It could definitely become a very worthy style over time. 
2) It seems to be the more popular of my styles - minus my painting style, which seems to be the most popular.
3) I can get comic pages done faster, and be more productive. It encourages productivity, and it's very likely I would not quit.

Cons of the Vector Style:

1) I'm concerned I will never improve as an artist if I pursue a Vector style, because the way I do art would drastically change, and perhaps not in a good way.
2) While  I would get pages done faster, it would incite laziness to clean up edges, so I might never improve.
3) People might accuse me of taking "the easy way out." XD

My final decision? Mix both.

I think it's completely doable to use a combination of vector and drawing for a more effective style. Faster, but you still improve as an artist. Art looks crisper, cleaner, but also very much you are placing your own skills into the mix, so it's still improvement over time.

Art  should not be a handicap - and with my new tablet, I have been struggling for a long time to find a style that works for me. Therefore, I will try this approach.

And something that's big with this comic for me, is improvement. So if certain parts are vectored, and others are not... perhaps I can get the lineartless look I desire, right? Right. 

I avoid digital lineart like the plague and hate it truthfully. I do it well, but I just have a hard time with the patience behind it. It's just not fun for me to clean up constantly - lineartless is more fun, it's like an adventure... but in traditional  art, pen and ink / markers / colored pencils is the way to go.  

With lineartless, I find that I enjoy it so much more. I don't mind cleaning it up, it feels more natural to me. But get me to paint traditionally, and you will find that I pretty much - again - hate it, because cleaning up constantly is an issue for me x'D

Anyway, ramblings aside - I am going to place a few experiments within the next couple of days. Right now, still going through Math hell... but I'm taking a break from Math hell to write this. It didn't take me too long to write after all. 

I will probably experiment for another hour or so, than around 4, disappear and continue my adventure in Mathematics. x'D

About Lock Me Away Marcilyn Locket

Wed Jan 17, 2018, 7:32 PM
:iconnetheron-chronicles: Presents

Lock Me Away Marcilyn Locket

Lock Me Away Marcilyn Locket Cover by Vivyi

"When I express how I feel inside, I feel like a tree. Strong and determined, but also faceless.

"There’s something about a tree that I find beautiful… 

"But sometimes, trees fall from the ground...

"And even then, they rise again with a new seed. 

"Sometimes I feel like that with you and me."

 - Royal Inventor Marcilyn.

Meet Royal Inventor Marcilyn - a hobbyist artist  and a young inventor who's best friends with Princess Estelle. 
Xe are in love with Princess Estelle - who's a avid reader of dry books, and also helps out occasionally with the inventors.
But does Estelle love them? And does Estelle accept Marcilyn for who xe are?

Find out in Lock Me Away Marcilyn Locket!

Lock Me Away Marcilyn Locket Commentary 

I've been waiting to get this out for a LONG time, and I apologize for the wait! I was thinking of actually having this out around February
 or March - so I'm actually ahead in that regard!

Many of you knew me as the person who used to write stories that were very heartfelt and honest, but also pure in the sense that they are written for both young and old ages alike, and I missed that with Netheron. 

The Novel itself - seemed to be taking a different direction - a far more gothic-centric, and dark one with more mature content that made me miss what the core of Netheron was - the light hearted, fluffy and pureness of these  characters.

I felt so apart from Netheron for quite a while, because even if I thought I was writing something that I really enjoyed, at the heart of what I write, is the soft-hearted, and adoring content of these characters, because that is what I've realized Netheron actually is, and what I want it to be. 

Although I still do - and love - to write darker works alike with Netheron and other stories - I've decided for this comic, a light-hearted and pure approach was intended to reach to audiences of all ages.

Therefore, as for the novel version - I'm still deciding what to do about it, because the current version doesn't satisfy what my vision of Netheron actually is, although I do believe it is well written in any regards. 

As a whole, I hope you enjoy this work. I know it has been years since I've last released a project, and it is my apology for such. 

I've decided that my main focus will be on this comic as well as future commissions, and everything else will become secondary... including the novel <3

I'm sorry if my deadlines haven't be quite on point, I am trying - truly to stay on deadlines. As you might see from my twitter post on @vivdrawscomics - I am NOT the best at making deadlines, haha!

I hope you love my content and enjoy what I have to offer. I am trying my best to reach out to each of you :heart:

This is my first time doing a long term comic, so I would appreciate all critiques for improvement, and of course - the inspiration to keep on going ;)

If you see plotholes - let me know. My best friend and I checked profusely over Discord several times for several hours just to catch all or most of them XD I consider him almost like a co-writer... though he'll just tell me: "I'm just a critic!" But it's thanks to him that he's made so many of my projects a possibility, so I really thank him for bringing this comic to life :heart: 

NOW: when is the first page coming out?

Well you see, I am already IN THE WORKS of the first page!!

=Lock Me  Away Marcilyn Locket Page 1 lineart by Vivyi

I did a massive re-do of the script once I realized just how crappy it was - I wanted something genuine and fun to read, even for me!

The ending even got me to tweet this:…

And if you know as well as I do, when I get excited about  a project, I know it's going to be good!

So I hope you stick around for the premise of this  comic series... because it's been a lot of fun scripting and planning for it. 

It wasn't really what I was expecting to do, but sometimes we need a new direction in life - and hey, I discovered I actually quite like drawing comics!! :love:

I may need to invest in a new tablet AND PC because mine are getting too old. 

Being in a financial hurdle with my family, I really can't afford to spend much for my emergency / school funds for one. I'm working in place of one of my parents right now, and barely make $100 dollars per paycheck XD

So anyway... I at least need a newer drawing tablet. So if you use something that is just as good as a Wacom Intuos Pro 2014 edition, please let me know. I was thinking of a Huion brand, because from the sounds of it, people like that tablet brand better now apparently XD But I can't get anything that's like a Cintiq because I have no room on my desk for anything bigger than a small tablet :'D

The Programs I use include: Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop - and I'm currently testing an illustration / graphic design program too by Magicx XD It wouldn't be the  end of the world, though, if I couldn't use that Magicx program because it isn't really the best x'D

I also need something that's gonna be stable. So basically here's what I need:

1) It's stable and quick to install

2) Can use Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, and any other Adobe or Manga Studio program

3) Doesn't cost anything more than $300 dollars. ^^;

Please help me out... because the current tablet market is SUPER confusing :P

Guess who finally finished the Comic Script for Lock Me Away Marcilyn Locket? Meeeeeeee :heart: 

Want proof? Here's a screen shot!

Lock Me Away Page 1 by Vivyi

It's about 57 pages long, and full of cuteness! :love:

I really hope you guys will like it! It's an alternate universe, and very much is romantic, but it  definitely has some things that the original story did not! 

I'm going to do a quick spelling / grammar check with my best friend on Discord today as well as some minor revisions, but for the most part... it's done! :D

Today I also work on the very first page! And guess what? You guys get to see it!

I am aiming to get it out by January 10th!

It's going to be a WIP - but still completed page of this first page shown here. You may have seen other versions of this page if you've seen my blog - however, I am going to put a different spin on it this time, and truly think about the style and effort that I want to invoke from this comic.

I truly hope you love what I do! :D

[CLOSED] Looking For Constructive Critiques?Christmas is on the way, so it's time to do some giving (and receiving XD)! This is my Christmas Critique Exchange! :la: The aim of this event is to get you some helpful tips on your art from my other wonderful watchers (and me!) as well as give you some practice writing critiques and helping others :)
How Does It Work?
1. Post a comment with the work you'd like critiqued (just one, to avoid mass confusion XD)
2. I will write at the end of this journal a list of participants including how many critiques they've given and how many critiques they've received
3. The aim of the game is to have each participant give as many critiques as they receive or vice versa
4. You'll be put into a group - every FIVE comments will count as a group - first five = group 1, second five = group 2 and so on
5. Once I finalise your group (will tag you all in a comment), you must critique all four of the other works in your group - this way, everyo

My friend Arasteia is currently in need of 1 more writer, and 2 more artists for her critique exchange!! And if you are an writer, you will receive a critique from me because I am apart of the group! :D

What is the critique exchange?

Basically, you are in a group of 4 other people and you must critique every work, even if it is something you are not specialized in.

This is a good thing, and even life changing, because to me - I've always been a bit picky to write a critique to only works that are in my interests, and now I've discovered, once I analyze a work, I begin to like what I see, but most importantly really respect the artist who does the work too :D

You see all of those groups who only require you to critique what you like, and I think now that it's a good idea to challenge yourself by critiquing different styles, because not only does it grow your empathy for the  artist and art style, but also helps develop a mind's eye to be able to pin point improvements for a person's work. 

It's also a great way to get to know people, and explore new art styles, and I think that's great :D Ari is always a good person to help set up new and challenging contests and she's a really great person too who I highly recommend you check out :heart:

So by all means, please stop on by Arasteia 's journal for some more information about her critique exchange! :D

[CLOSED] Looking For Constructive Critiques?Christmas is on the way, so it's time to do some giving (and receiving XD)! This is my Christmas Critique Exchange! :la: The aim of this event is to get you some helpful tips on your art from my other wonderful watchers (and me!) as well as give you some practice writing critiques and helping others :)
How Does It Work?
1. Post a comment with the work you'd like critiqued (just one, to avoid mass confusion XD)
2. I will write at the end of this journal a list of participants including how many critiques they've given and how many critiques they've received
3. The aim of the game is to have each participant give as many critiques as they receive or vice versa
4. You'll be put into a group - every FIVE comments will count as a group - first five = group 1, second five = group 2 and so on
5. Once I finalise your group (will tag you all in a comment), you must critique all four of the other works in your group - this way, everyo

(By the way, if you are both an artist and a writer, you are permitted to sign up for both the writing and the art critique exchange if you don't mind doing twice the work XD)

Netheron FAQ

Sat Dec 9, 2017, 3:55 PM
Have any questions related to the development of the Netheron series? I answer some of them in this FAQ. I will also be putting this up on my blog, as well as my dA group Netheron-Chronicles on it's front page. 

If anyone has any additional questions, please let me know! I am working hard, though I have been quiet on many details and I feel this is a good way to show you my progress of what I've done thus far. 

If you would like to join my group for updates on the Netheron Series - please let me know below, and I'll send you an invite!

In other news: I've decided to go ahead and change Drethathon, Netheron, and Heneurock book titles to Duchess of Tears, Princess of Rain, Royal of Nothing for the sake of staying consistent with the YA genre. The locations have stayed the same. 

What is Netheron Chronicles?

Netheron is a YA Science Fiction Gothic Steampunk Novel with humorous undertones and dark expressive language.

What is Netheron Chronicles about?

The book series explores the lives of four royal outcasts who witness adversity and must put a stop to it before the fall of their planet. It contains LGBT and Disabled characters as well as a Straight and Lesbian/Asexual romance.

This story originally started off as a 1 book senior project, notably called "Netheron" and has turned into a 3 novel series + a series of  comics, all of which are currently in the works. 

What are each of the books?

Netheron Chronicles #1: Princess of Rain

Tyranny has befallen Netheron as the result of a mistake. Now a secret heir is needed - but the queen must know nothing. A revolution longs to launch an attack and kill off the remaining royal members, but the queen is not what she seems.

Netheron Chronicles #2: Duchess of Tears

Prequel to Princess of Rain Princess Yvette runs away in search of young love, but Estelle must take her place. Presumed to be dead, Yvette is well alive and willing to cause a ruckus to hide a bigger threat. Now the princess has been exiled to Drethathon, and even then she's not wanted there - if anywhere.

Netheron Chronicles #3: Royal of Nothing

Sequel to Princess of Rain An major asassination group from a collected society leaves Estelle's rain machine in shambles - but most importantly underlies a far bigger threat.

What is the Netheron Comic Series?

A YA Science Fiction Gothic Steampunk Romance Series with humorous undertones and witty commentary.

What is the Netheron Comic about?

Similar to the book, it focuses on two main characters - Marcilyn and Estelle - and mirrors the events of all three books, but is more centered on characterization than plot.

What are the Comic Books?

Prelude Comic:
Duchess of Tears

Book 1 Comic:
Princess of Rain

Sequel Comic:
Royal of Nothing

Will the Netheron Chronicles Series be a Graphic Novel?

Potentially, if self-published. It will be painted digitally if it is, but in about a year or so.

Will the  Netheron Chronicles have excerpts?

I've been thinking about uploading some to Wattpad, since that is publisher-friendly. But as of right now, it's not going to happen yet.

Will it be Self-Published?

Yes.  I will start off Netheron as a self-published book, then look into getting it published traditionally. Could this change again in the future? We shall see.

Will the comic go on sale?

It  always will be available to read online for free,  but I may sell physical copies in the future.

Do you need previous knowledge for any books?

No previous knowledge of the prequel will be required to go into Book 1. There will be previous knowledge required for the Sequel.

No previous knowledge of the novel will also be required to go to the comic, and vice versa.

When is the Netheron series going to end?

Upon completion of the last comic - "Kingdom of Nothing" which will likely be completed long after the novel version is done. We're looking at several years - notably till 2027.

Will there be other projects?

Minor ones, such as flash fiction and short stories - non Netheron related.

Will you ever write another Netheron Short Story?

I feel it is time for me to retire my habit of writing Netheron short stories and instead focus on the Novel itself.

All remaining projects and unfinished works are going to be recycled into a short story compilation that may or may not be self-published.

Therefore, I am working hard to make sure all of the short stories that I select have matching plot points.

When will the comic first come out?

I'm guessing about Feburary or March starting with Duchess of Tears, but we shall see. I need time to finish writing out the current version of the novel version Duchess of Tears, as well as finish the  comic script for it.

Duchess of Tears, will, however be worked on ALONGSIDE the current book, so it may go completely different directions plot wise.

You can also see this on my blog and my group!…