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Request #3: Ravenviolet777 by Vivyi Request #3: Ravenviolet777 by Vivyi
Here is your request :iconravenviolet777: I hope you enjoy! I ended up giving this one a background because I thought it was necessary (It's rare I come up with one for a request, just so you know. ). Here is Ada Lovelace (the girl with the goggles) and Mary Shelley (the one with the curled black hair) I had to guess on Mary's eye color, but I assumed it was brown. I did a little bit of research so I knew that Mary was a writer, and Ada was an mathematician / was the world's first programmer. Here is Mary writing her next Frankenstein novel, and  Ada contemplating her next programming invention, in an "Aha moment" while going to pick up the rest of the picnickers. They are having a picnic with others, but since Raven only requested Ada and Mary, I decided I would only draw them two at the picnic.   I am sorry if this is nowhere near what you intended, if you would like me to redraw, I will. I hope that you like this work, I spent two whole days on it. :)

This was a challenge for me because I had to make it historically accurate, which is what I'm not exactly good at. (So if I got anything wrong, my deepest apologies. :nod: )
ravenviolet777 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! :squee:  Thank you for doing this!! :la:

I love how you drew them! Also, you did get Mary's eye colour right, because nobody can really tell whether they're brown or blue in the paintings, so when I draw her I tend to colour a layer of blue and then dark brown over it. Though I think Mary's eyes look way more brown. It actually would have been right either way :giggle:

And the background is so pretty!! I can see why you took two days :) You must be so exhausted! I can see every blade of grass! 

And I don't mind that you didn't draw anyone else, since I only requested these two ladies. It looks so cool! I love everything about it! Thank you!! :la:
Vivyi Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're very welcome! :) I'm glad you like it.

I gave her the same eye color as Ada, but I did consider giving her a slightly different  tone of eye color. :nod:

I am... all these requests are happening everyday. I'm thinking of closing after #4... XD  It's really no different than doing Netheron backgrounds, though that was even more exhausting. XD

 No problem :D
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