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Netheron Chronicles Archive

Wed Apr 20, 2016, 9:02 PM

Netheron Chronicles Archive

By Vivienne Waltzer

Note to everyone: These Short Stories are highly experimental and are likely to change in the books themselves. In fact, all of them would be considered spin-offs to help the prequel and other books develop. Take note of this while reading... thank you!

The Short Stories and Their Approximate Order:


Simple Secrets: A Netheron Short Story

Summary: Mae, a curious ten year old, begins to question her step mother after noticing some strange circumstances.

The Will of the Way: A Netheron Short Story

Summary:  Esmeralda as a witch is sworn to protect Estelle, and prevent her from becoming like her mother. But can she stop Estelle from turning on her?

Marcilyn Locket: Inventor of the South

Summary:  Marcilyn's unfortunate clumsiness is at it again! And worst yet, with a special visitor: The princess! Will Marcilyn make her own dreams come true? Or will she lose everything she  could have ever imagine?

Teardrops and Sunflowers v2

Summary: The De'vio family is at it again - and with another insult hits that truly packs a punch. But why do Arvilla and Meyhra pick on her so much? And what does Estelle have, that they lack? This is a story about losses - but it is a story about strength as well.

The Forbidden Library: A Netheron Short Story

Summary:  Why does Estelle love to spend so much time reading books? If only but one thing: to discover herself. This is a story about friendship, love, and questioning  sexuality, but most importantly: why we need our knowledge.

Teaching the Princess to Dance: A Netheron Oneshot

Summary: It's time for Estelle to dance at the royal ball, and yet she loathes the idea of dancing. What man would want to dance with her? Does she even need a man to dance with her? That was the same day Marcilyn stepped up and offered her, the dance of her life.

The King's Son: A Netheron Short Story

Summary: Princesses are always made to be charming, cute, lovable things... but what if Estelle is not that? Otto explores Netheron and finds out why Estelle is not as frail as his father claims her to be.

Lock Me Away, Marcilyn Locket... 

Summary: Marcilyn comes to a realization: She's in love with the princess, and she wants to be with her for the rest of her life. But what if Estelle doesn't feel the same? What if Estelle kicks her out? This is a story of self discovery and best friends, but ultimately: love.

First Book

Tea Time v2: A Netheron Short Story

Summary:  The life of a princess is never an easy task, especially not for a Netheronian. An exploration into Estelle's life in the Netheron book, and why she is pressured to place the pieces back together in the country of Netheron.

Summary:  In Netheron's darkest time, an inventor named Marcilyn questions everything once she realizes that the girl she'd been dreaming of all of those years, turns out to be her worst nightmare.




The Short Stories in an organized fashion - for my profile! So ignore this if you've already read the short stories listed here xD To be updated every time a new story comes out, so stay tuned!

This is organized by order of sequence... for the prequel and first book. This is for you guys - so you can see what order the stories go in. And to warn you that a lot of them are experimental and spin-offs of the original content, and that the prequel will be different from the original.

In that case: stay tuned! The prequel is currently on halt, but I will be editing it soon after I finish storyboarding the comic :)

Let's hope the journal skin works out nicely! xD
Obelis Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
So clever to organize your stories like this! :thumbsup: And the skin of this one is so elegant.
Vivyi Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you <3 There's a small trick I used to get the skin to look like that... I used a journal skin for this hahaha and did this through stash <3
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