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Copycat by Vivyi

Memories of a Forgotten Girl

A Netheron Short Story

Story, Poetry and Art by Vivienne Waltzer

Break by Vivyi

Kiss me, oh just once -

make me forget my dreams;

For should one kiss be grant,

I will live my life dreaming of you,

and not of my dreams...

Break by Vivyi

It was war.


Prince Otto stood silent, adorned in a red and white military uniform. He held two large golden pistols in his pockets, each with intricate carvings. His limber body stood between two large pine trees and a rubbish pile of haystacks. To the front of him seated a set of target dummies -  each with large blue roses in the middle of where the heart would be.


Marcilyn leaned against a tree, breathless at his appearance. In that moment – the sweat glistened from his nervous face, but his body only trembled slightly as he rose the pistol in his hands. The inventor hummed, bringing her hands to her face with enthusiasm. He raised the gun and hesitated. Marcilyn bit her lip with anticipation - until she tasted the tangy sourness of blood.

His eyes eyed her from the distance, covered by a thick layer of aluminum glass, and he carefully drew his arms to his target. With a pause, he put his finger over the trigger, and shot.


Down dead cold – the dummy that had been stiffly sitting, knocked over.  Marcilyn watched, mystified – breathing in the cold air of dust. All was silent, except for the heavy breathing of the former prince. Not even Alexander moved, nor did the other soldiers. No one spoke, until Otto spat on the ground, and walked away from the arena. His eyes empty, and his heart cold.


But Marcilyn didn’t notice. Marcilyn didn’t care. She watched his eyebrows slowly begin to furrow, in the most majestic way. Marcilyn saw everything as majestic, did she not? Of course. He was a prince after all.


 Marcilyn found everything right about him - so right, she would tremble with delight upon seeing his pale white face and wondrous features. What better man to take down a princess? Perhaps she could take down such – but no one ever allowed her to even see, what such princess even looked like. Was she ugly? Beautiful? Marcilyn never knew. She was just an inventor, after all.

In her shock, her breath stopped. He was heading towards her, surely to ask her on another date. They would walk inside the parts of Mr. Monette’s mansion – the one with the indoor garden, the beautiful nature of the flowers that the plantation struggled to keep. Marcilyn knew the rarity of her being outdoors. Alexander would not allow her to go outside – though he never told her why.


She strangely felt empty. Otto filled her heart – but it was never enough. She strangely trembled, strangely felt pains coarse through her body until all of the energy had been zapped out of her. She didn’t remember much of her childhood, nor the beginnings of her teen hood. She was almost an adult, and yet she hardly felt like it – the only memories she had were the present, and it made her feel like she was young – far too young for her age.

How she wished she could have her memories back. But she knew it would never happen. It would take years to recover the ashes, decades alone to regain a tenth of it, and her whole life to regain it all.

Otto finally caught up to her. "Marcilyn? Are you okay?” His lips cried. Marcilyn drew her eyes to them and not his eyes. If only... 

Marcilyn quickly pulled away, reminiscent of a vague memory. He reminded her of someone... someone from long ago. His lips, so cherry red... reminded her strangely of a girl. A beautiful girl. She sighed. She didn’t understand herself sometimes. “I’m okay, Otto. You’re going to take me on a date, aren’t you?”


The prince's arm hooked onto hers, giving a curled grin. “Of course, Marci. Of course. Let’s go to the garden.”


Marcilyn’s eyes hid a dark secret behind them. She knew he looked within her, trying to find it. What secret could she seek within herself? Did she even have a secret?


“Could we go for a stroll instead? To the outdoors?” Marcilyn asked. Would he kiss her? Finally, finally kiss her? Just intoxicate her with his lips... and cling to her, her small frail figure? Oh she was so lonely… so desperate. Something very important had been taken from her. She knew, she knew and yet she didn’t know… she was broken, so, so broken... she had been shattered long ago.

Otto grinned, he grinned with sincerity – oh had the war changed him? Did she remember him from long ago? No, she couldn’t have – she dreamed of the old days, her father, her mother – and her friends… her friends who she didn’t even remember their names, nor their faces.


“I’ll do anything for a lovely inventor,” the prince said, leaning in close to her. Closer the inventor thought. Closer. Make the pain go away. “We’ll go through a stroll through the forest.”


She lived the days over and over again. The times spent in complete darkness. Why couldn’t she remember anything of the past? Was it possible Otto wasn’t the one? Was it possible… there was someone so beautiful, so precious… a person that looked vaguely similar, but yet was so different?


Marcilyn paused, nodding her head as he took her hand. She melted, melted with the grip, so full of emotion and frenzies that she nearly pulled away – what beautiful hands he had, what a beautiful smile he had… everything so pure, in that moment – just like… who? Just like who? She didn’t know… how could she? She remembered nothing. 

Marcilyn took his hand, and they began to walk outside the mansion, hand in hand. So beautiful… so, so beautiful. She never wanted it to end.


“You know, I wonder sometimes Otto. About you... about us...” Marcilyn told him. Her daze so noticeable, her smile so large -  Otto flinched at this, considering breaking the grasp, but the inventor held it so strongly. She’d always been stronger, always been so well built, ever since she was a little kid, even despite her brittleness. “I like you very much... but I still remember. A face, without a name. I remember this face... and it calls to me. Every night, I dream of a girl turning into a woman - every night I dream of a wicked man who stole my name.”

“Marcilyn, that’s outrageous,” Otto told her. “Whatever girl is on your mind - is fake. She doesn’t exist.”


Marcilyn paused, stopping in the middle of the road. The purple river flowed before them, glistening against the warm sun.


“Maybe your right... but I hear her every night. She calls to me. She tells me, ‘I love you,” Marcilyn told him. His horror was so apparent, she nearly quit talking. But he had to know, she had to be honest – and she knew if she wasn’t, there would be consequences. “I feel a deep attachment to her, this girl in my dreams. So, strong… so, so strong. It’s stronger than anything I’ve ever felt. I don’t understand it...”


“Marcilyn, you fantasize all too much,” Otto told her.  “I know you like girls as well as boys, but really - just let it go. It irritates me whenever you have fantasies... but... I know if we’re ever going to be married, I have to put up with it.”

They finally were enclosed in deep privacy, stacks of willows trees and lights spanning for miles. Towards them, was a small white Victorian home, with a porch lit with kerosene lanterns and the brief smell of chamomile tea. Marcilyn clung to his shoulder. Pain. So much pain. She wanted the agony to end before it drove her mad – she needed his lips, his breath, his everything – because she would just be an empty shell without it.


“Would you really want to marry me though?” Marcilyn asked. “I feel so much… I feel too much; I feel more than you could ever know. I’m too emotional, I can’t even keep my emotions a secret… no man, nor woman appreciates that.”


“In this world, everyone is emotional,” Otto told her. “The war makes it so…”

"Then I wish the war didn't exist Otto. Because I don't want to fight," Marcilyn told him. "But my mind tells me to."


They made their way to the small Victorian house. Marcilyn realized it had a porch. Could this be Alexander’s house? The inventor wondered. No, it was probably a stranger’s.


 The inventor gazed into his eyes with a look of longing. Closer. She thought. Closer. Closer. Closer. Just one kiss… Just one kiss, Otto. It’s all I could ever need.


Otto leaned towards her. Closer, and closer, and closer… he stopped. He stopped, then he leaned towards her. Closer.


Closer… closer… there. Marcilyn grabbed him around the waist and pulled him to the porch.


Her heart was on fire. Having him so close to her… just made her body hot. In this secluded forest… they could do anything to their hearts content! But… it made her tense. So tense. So, so tense. She didn’t understand it… didn’t she want that?


“You’re so good at those shots,” Marcilyn told him. “So, so good…” A grin slowly crept up her face, “I could beat you easily though. At least at Muay Thaseo.”


Otto pulled himself forward, leaning against the inventor. His lips easily upturned, revealing snarly white teeth. He never took care of his teeth, did he? Oh, it didn’t matter… he was beautiful…


“You’re a beautiful inventor,” The prince told her. His lips only grew wider. “But you’d never beat me at a sword fight.”

Did he really find her beautiful? If he said it, she'd believe it.


"Well, you're my equally attractive prince," Marcilyn responded.  "So gifted at shooting guns and fighting off evil princesses...”

"I think we all know who bests us at inventing those weapons," Otto said.

"Oh... I'm sure you're right," The inventor said, leaning in to brushed her lips against his shoulder. His arms exploded with goosebumps, making the inventor grin. “But I can't imagine a better man for second in command..." Her lips worked their way up to his neck, where they brushed up against the sides of his cheek, as she whispered into his ear, “You're incredible.”


“Oh Marcilyn…” Otto wrapped his arms around her waist. The braces holding her trousers loosened, until one slipped from her sleeve. “You flatter me all too much,” Otto said seductively. He leaned closer to her, slowly veering in to kiss her cheek. “You obviously can’t get any better than me.”


“Maybe you’re right,” Marcilyn said. “Or maybe... you should kiss me."


Otto leaned forward, clutching the strap of her brace. 

"I'd like that..."
He whispered.

He pressed his lips against hers. Marcilyn melted in the moment. Oh Otto... Otto Otto Otto... her name breathed Otto, her life breathed Otto - her soul breathed Otto, everything breathed Otto. It was complete bliss... Oh god, how she never wanted it to end! She felt her heart pound from her skull, and so many emotions raced through her mind… so many images… of her… and… and…


Wait... Otto? Was it Otto? No... it was... her. The blonde haired girl, with curly hair, much more curly than Otto. Even so, did she stop? Oh no, she kept going… she kept kissing.


Erase it. Her mind said. Erase everything.


Otto kissed back, equally powerful, as she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him towards the porch. Otto, Otto, Otto... she must breath Otto, she must breath Otto... but she didn't. She didn't breath Otto. She breathed her.

She pulled away from him for just to catch her breath, before pulling back in.

Her body shifted against the porch railing. Otto wasn't even on her mind anymore. The curly haired girl... her dreams of kissing her ever so passionately, ever so loving!

She trembled.

Otto broke apart the kiss, and the trembling worsened, so powerful Marcilyn nearly lost her balance.

She caught herself on the railing and shuddered. Why was she so cold again? Oh, she always trembled at the worst times…

Otto steadied her. His touch was so warm… so vibrant. Marcilyn could swear it was driving her crazy. She was so unrealistic – how could a kiss solve everything? She didn’t know why she hurt. She didn’t know why she was in pain. She just was.


“Are you okay, Marcilyn?” He asked.

The inventor nervously tugged at her polka dot bow tie, and crossed her knicker shoes in response. She wasn't, but she wouldn't tell him that.


Otto softly lifted Marcilyn’s hair back behind her ear, seeing her clearly was out of breath. She tried to hide the trembling. She tried to hide the fear. She tried to hide the hurt, the pain, the frustration. Why couldn’t she move on? What was stopping her from forgetting about her dream? It wasn’t real.


“Why do I feel like I’ve done this before?” Marcilyn asked. “Like... I’ve locked lips in such a passionate manner, that I nearly lost my breath?”


“You’re probably dreaming again,” Otto said. He wrapped his arms around the inventor, and Marcilyn complied, still trembling. The night was nearly among them. “Look at how... beautiful you are in the sunset. I can see your eyes sparkle.”


“I want to forget about... that girl... that girl in my dreams...” Marcilyn told him. “It’s so easy to forget when we’re kissing. But when I let go of you, it comes back. The trembling, the hurt, the pain. I want to know her, but I don’t know if she exists. Is she real? I love her. I love her so much… but what if she’s just a figment of my imagination?”


“What does she look like?” Otto asked. “You talk so fondly of her... don’t you have any idea what she looks like?”


“She’s... pale. Paler than the moon,” Marcilyn told him. “And so beautiful... so, so beautiful... with the curliest blonde hair and curvy pink lips. Oh she has the most beautiful crimson-brown eyes... so gorgeous, so wonderful… I adore her every being.”


Otto paused, going slightly white in the face. Wait.... what was wrong? Did she go too far?


‘You talk as if you’re in love...” Otto said. “Should I be concerned?”


“Oh Otto, nothing can replace you... this girl isn’t even real,” Marcilyn told him. “But oh! She steals my heart, so fast, so furious… so wondrous… and every time I dream of her, I’m in ecstasy...”


Otto gulped. He pulled away from the daydreaming inventor. He tightened the buttons on his military jacket and stood up.


“I just remembered. I have somewhere I need to be,” Otto told her. He held her up and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “I’m sorry I had to cut our date short, but Alexander needs me.”


Marcilyn paused, wondering why he was leaving. Where was he going?


“Wait, Otto -” She paused, watching him quickly depart from her. She sighed, turning around to face a poster. Wait, what was that? She got a closer look.


For a moment, she had paused, realizing that the poster was a wanted sign. She studied it carefully, reading the details.


Wanted for Death of Hundreds, the Princess of Netheron.


Wait a minute… was that... the girl in her dreams? No, it couldn’t be right? But the clothing… the hair… the eyes… the lips…


With a horror so vast... she realized who the girl had been.



Warning for a slightly seductive Marcilyn in the middle!  Ohhhh yes Otto, you enjoy it, you know it. xD LMAO I'M SORRY

VIVYI WRITES AN STRAIGHT PAIRING??? OH MAI ... It still reads like a gay one, in my opinion xD

I could go on and on :giggle:

Random babbling about Marcilyn and Otto:

Sooooo this may actually become a thing in the story, where Otto and Marcilyn date for a brief moment in the series. Not only does Marcilyn get together with a princess, but she gets together with a prince too! LOL How lucky can she be?? XD Oooo but it's not gonna last. Otto's gonna fall hard for Mae (Of course, Mae's totally oblivious... she's Demisexual lol and it takes her two years to fall in love with Otto or have any sort of romantic feelings towards him. ), and  Marcilyn will still be too torn about Estelle.

It's easy to forget about your true love, when you're making out with a prince, and although Marcilyn and Otto would be very compatible with each other - the circumstances bring them apart too, especially once a certain secret gets let out... and I don't think Marcilyn's the only one who's forgotten what really matters. Otto's changed, but he'll change again, and so will she. In the world of Netheron, nothing remains the same forever.

I decided this would happen (Otto's just sooo lucky, getting to date all 3 main characters... ROFLMAO What a romancer! ) because I wanted to represent Marcilyn's bisexuality in a better way than what I've been doing. I'm guilty of only pairing her with Estelle - and though she has past experiences with a man, I currently trudge heavily on "But Not That Bi" trope, and I don't want to do that. My initial plan was to give her a boyfriend before the series started, but I realized that her talking about her experiences wasn't enough. She actually had to live it. So, I decided I would give her a boyfriend for the first book... and that boyfriend is Otto. Ohhhh man, it's no wonder she doesn't like Mae.

I decided her and Otto were pretty compatible, after writing scenes with the two of them together, and I sorta itched to write a romance scene between them. I'm sorry I couldn't write about any of my previous ideas -  those went out the window for some reason... I think I'm going to refrain from sharing any future ideas, it just discouraged me in the long run until my perfectionist side kicked in. ^^; Woops.  I could share them if I need help developing them though.

Well, anyway~ hope you enjoy this! I know it's been a while since I wrote a short story c: I tried keeping this one gritty, but not overly dark. And I tried steering as far away from the psychotic bisexual / sex-hungry bisexual trope as I could. I dunno if it comes across that way, but I hope not D: I find it pretty hard to write an allosexual (aka, sexually attracted person) sometimes without going overkill so ugh. I tried a balance of cute, dark, and sensual, but it also gets a little steamy. xD I'm occasionally rather put off by sexual feelings, and they sometimes get written as if the character is overly seductive and evil so I hope it turned out okay xD

Suggestions are welcome, and feel free to answer the questions below, but you certainly don't have to!

Questions (no need to answer these all! They would be a HUGE help though!):

Did I successfully capture Marcilyn's Bisexuality, or do you assume that she's gay? I find it very important because she's supposed to be Bisexual, with a slight leaning towards girls.

Do you think Marcilyn as a character is rather unlikeable in anyway? Or likeable? Does she falls between any Bisexual tropes?  Do you enjoy reading about her? All important, because I'm trying hard to make her character enjoyable to read about, but she's very tricky.

Did you find the story enjoyable, complex, or engaging? If not, what can be worked on? (In general, the focus is LGBT and Steampunk, with Romance )

Any Misc thoughts?

Honesty is always appreciated! As with all my short stories, the content is bound to change within the books!

Ima post this before stash deletes my description again... so annoying!

Add a Comment:
"It was war" - A really strong, snappy intro! Definitely packs a punch!
"To the front of him seated a set" - do you mean 'sat' a set?
"as he rose the pistol in his hands" -I think this should be "as he raised"
"His eyes eyed her" - I think this sounds a little clunky, so perhaps you could find another word for eyed? Or maybe just 'He eyed her'?
"Marcilyn didn't notice. Marcilyn didn't care" - I really love this repetition, it works very well!
"In her shock, her breath stopped" - I think the idea comes through with just 'Her breath stopped' and that could be more snappy and effective too?
"She was almost an adult" - A lot of your previous sentences begin with 'she' so maybe rearrange to mix it up a little?
"oh had the war changed him?" -I love these little idiosyncratic speech patterns!
"Maybe your right" - I think this should be 'maybe you're'
"His horror was so apparent" - Could you perhaps show this with physical description?

Haha this was awesome! It's such a strange dynamic, seeing Otto and Marcilyn together like that. I love how Otto is all 'you're so beautiful' and Marcilyn is just like 'that girl in my dreams tho' XD
I love the ending, it was so well-written. In answer to your questions - I think you definitely captured her bisexuality. You could definitely tell she was all dreamy over Otto, but Estelle was always at the back of her mind...
No, I find Marcilyn so likeable! She seemed really dreamy and confused in this piece, which is good, because it was so relatable. She's definitely enjoyable to read about, because she just seems so real and so human - keep it up!
I don't think there's really anything big that I can point out, just the little things I've mentioned. This was a great read!
What do you think?
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Oh gosh this one is so good, definitely my fav (beside the poem about Marcilyn leaving Estelle).
Your writing has improved a lot, at first I don't even believe it's you writing this. The style is still there, but the writing becomes easier to read, the details are enough to make the reader get into the story and not too much as to distract them from the story. It's perfect~!
And now I ship Marci and Otto! It's not fair that Otto is finally married to Mae since I don't think they have feelings for each other. It seems like a marriage for business after all. Otto is a good guy and I think he deserves love :love:
Btw, when does Marci lose her memories?

(Sorry I didn't read this sooner. I want to find the perfect and relaxed time to read this so I can enjoy the story to the fullest. Lol and just now I was reading this while eating french fries *nom*

Now for the Q's:

Did I successfully capture Marcilyn's Bisexuality, or do you assume that she's gay? I find it very important because she's supposed to be Bisexual, with a slight leaning towards girls.
Perfectly! But I don't see the "slight leaning towards girls". I think it's not that she loves girls more than boys, but she does love Estelle that much.

Do you think Marcilyn as a character is rather unlikeable in anyway? Or likeable? Does she falls between any Bisexual tropes? Do you enjoy reading about her? All important, because I'm trying hard to make her character enjoyable to read about, but she's very tricky.
She's definitely likeable, but when reading I sometimes think "Marci you stupid, you're hurting Otto, can you just keep it to yourself?" Lol. It was enjoyable though =p

Did you find the story enjoyable, complex, or engaging? If not, what can be worked on? (In general, the focus is LGBT and Steampunk, with Romance )
I think, all of them. It's nice seeing you make a story about straight couple too (well not that straight, since Marci is bisexual, but yeah...) because it gives chance to be read by more ppl. The LGBT theme is not a general theme, which means not everyone can read it. Honestly since I'm straight, I too find myself put more effort to understand the story and to be more empathetic to the characters (just like I tried to empathize with ppl who said Kimchi--a Korean dish-- is delicious, while I think it tastes strange since I'm not a Korean). It's totally different from reading a fantasy themed novel since everyone can enjoy it). But this one is not just about LGBT, it's about the struggles between oneself, to find who she truly is, and this is so humane, and I really enjoyed reading this. I think you should continue writing LGBT-themed stories because you have passion in it, but don't forget to add general stuffs like this to prevent "excluding" readers from your stories.

Any Misc thoughts?
Hahahaha I've told you everything above =p

Keep going Viv!! ^^
What do you think?
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Thank you :)
Obelis Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
This told me a lot. :o The fact that she had lost her memories. And that most likely the girl form her dreams is someone form the past. Makes me want to see what would happen if they met again. 

I'd say she seems like a bisexual who is leaning more towards women for me. That's because she starts to imagining girl while looking at Otto. She is able to put u with dating a man, but she'd rather choose a girl if she had that choice - that's the impression I got from this. 
Vivyi Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for reading this <3 Yeah, I'd say your perception of her losing her memories and the girl from the past is accurate. This actually takes place during the first book - which is years away from being released, but yeah lol xD

I'd say that's pretty accurate for what I was trying to represent. Marcilyn could connect with Otto just fine, but she can't forget about Estelle either - and sometimes she'd rather be with Estelle, than be with Otto. After all, before she lost her memories, she'd been a few terrible relationships, where people had attempted to take advantage of her, the worst being with a man. She didn't have the best relationships with women either, but when she met Estelle, that changed her perception, and she'd never been able to let go.
YellowxGardevoir Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
perfect story. Giggle :happybounce: ;) (Wink) :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) 
Vivyi Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much <33 :glomp:
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Vivyi Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Omg that means so much to me! x3 I've got a few more stories up, if you'd be willing to take a look? :D… Note that they are older, so they may have more errors than this one! But I hope you'll still like them :)
YellowxGardevoir Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
go look at them but for now i'm finishing up something. Gardevoir happy go Lucky Dance 
Vivyi Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
No worries <3 Hope you have fun with them when you get to it! :D
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now i'm done with the things i was dealing with.:D (Big Grin) :) (Smile) 
Vivyi Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice! Have fun reading c:
Naysae Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
holy crap i was honestly dying the whole way through x"D
but i do like this sudden change because it means that there is more to marcilyn then people would assume about her 8")

gosh i wonder how estelle probably felt about this all happening; (or, were they not that close yet ??? I MUST KNOW )

even saeki can relate too personally !!! she wasn't even with frank at the beginning either ! she was with graham in their prequel story but it was a one-sided relationship that didn't go far ofc ; v ;// (but ey, graham gets better so it's all good /v\b)
Vivyi Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Awwww man, I'm sorry xD I was worried it was a bit much... it's been a while since I've written a short story, so I'm probably rusty, and this is pretty dark :giggle:


Ooooo man, and Otto was Estelle's fiance too xD And this isn't even half of who Marcilyn is xD She's so complex... I love her so much!

Oooooo man, I'm just gonna say that Estelle's too preoccupied with ruling the kingdom and stopping Esmeralda from controlling her, to really pay attention. She doesn't even know what happens to Marcilyn after the prequel, and she's been searching for her for a long time. Ohhhh but she misses Marcilyn a LOT. They were best friends, and yet they both had feelings for each other, and then tragedy happens to split them apart. In the sequel, that's when they reconnect with each other - struggling to fight against the dark forces of their enemies.

Oooo man, I had no idea xD But I think I remember you talking about it! Otto does find somebody too (Mae), and all of the main characters end up with somebody. It makes me feel like such a romantic sap, loool xD
Naysae Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
rusty or not this is still really fantastic, man x'DDD

IM JUST CRYING BC I DIDN'T FORSEE THIS TWIST-- BUT I FREAKING LOVE IT// marcilyn is still such a babe i love complex characters so much I JUST <33

oh man poor Marci :'D I LOVE HOW HER AND FRANK HAVE TOO MUCH IN COMMON LIKE ???? even in fraeki's story, it takes two years for Frank and Saeki to actually get together as well, since most of their prequel story was about their blossoming friendship, and so many dramatic things happen in between//// like jealousy almost killing them both is one of those things B'D-- it's gonna take awhile for me to explain LMAO///

and LOL IT'S OKAY IM SUPER SAPPY MYSELF. i live for otps tbh. even the entire reboot crew is paired with someone LMAO

frank with saeki as you know, and then there's otis with vanessa, graham with cherrilu's estelle, and haru (graham's cousin) i have yet to reveal her partner but she is getting one in the manga too 8))))
Vivyi Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhhhhh thank you so much x3

AHAHAHAHA IT'S RELATIVELY NEW SO I DIDN'T SEE IT EITHER :') Omg I love complex characters too you have no idea xD Marcilyn is so wonderful, omg <333

I know right? ;n; *cries* OMG LMAO THEY DO HAVE A LOT IN COMMON In the prequel, Marcilyn and Estelle are best friends and slowly growing feelings for each other... until Otto comes into the picture and ruins everything, and then Marcilyn and Otto have a few feuds with each other, and then Yvette (Marcilyn's rather suggestive ex-girlfriend) becomes an issue when they finally get along xD But Marcilyn and Otto grow into really good friends regardless and settle their differences to help Estelle. xD But omg, crazy stuff happens. Crazy, crazy stuff. I just love the prequel XD

LMAO IT'S OKAY WE CAN BE SUPER SAPPY TOGETHER Ohhh gosh, me too xD I love MarciEstellie and MarciOtto especially, although EstellieOtto and MaeOtto are just as good as well xD YvetteMarci is very... strange though, LOL I just realized... Marcilyn gets paired with like 3 different aristocrats... what a lucky person :') /cries She has expensive taste xD I guess that's what you get for being a well renowned inventor... ROFLMAO
Naysae Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
she is wonderful like ????? i am possibly planning another fanart of both her and estelle soon WHOOPS SECRET'S OUT LOL <3333

GHHHHH I LOVE HOW IN YOUR STORY THERE IS SOMEBODY THAT GETS IN THE WAY-- in your case it's Otto, for my's Graham. CRIES. even Saeki had some feuds with Graham when they dated 8") it was like a one-sided thing so i can't blame her for speaking up a lot (AT LEAST HE CHANGES THOUGH.......) 
also idk why but i just laughed at that title you gave Evette (the "suggestive" ex LMFAO) but it's nice to hear that her and Estelle get along well in the end ! ;v; ghhhhh i can understand that, prequels are just as wonderful as endings imo//

omf Marciiiiiii she's getting around ;^D  //OKAY IM SORRY LOL
which is most of my characters in Reboot now that i think about it, OOPS (except Seiji since he still loves both wifes the same BUT YEAH)
Vivyi Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Psssst if you do, draw her in a tuxedo xD LOL JK Technically it's canon for her to wear men's clothing though, considering her role as being genderfluid and masculine presenting :') Plus, I just really like presenting her that way xD That's the canon LMAO Don't mind me hahahaha

Oooooo nope nope nope It's not Yvette who gets along with Estelle... they never do xD It's Marcilyn and Otto who get along with each other, after a long period of Marcilyn getting aggressive with him. I have this  super fun scene I have to re-write, where Otto and Marcilyn are dancing with each other, and then Marcilyn dips him under (thus reversing gender roles, which I LOVE), and purposely lets go of him, right around the same time that a giant plate of jello comes and hits him in the face XD I feel so bad for Otto hahahahaha

YES WE MAY /shot

Omg, you should see Yvette though XD She really gets around /hit XD Marcilyn's just nothing compared to her XD

That would be Estelle hahaha She's like the only character of mine who does that other than Mae and a few others xD
Naysae Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
OH NO NO don't be at all ! Marcilyn is your oc after all, what she is/how she dresses, she's always going to be perfect. >B) i would be honored to draw her again in masculine clothing; i enjoyed it myself for that brofist au LOL

OHHHHHH oh okay LMAO-- Gail and Chloe are the same i think B") though in their cases its much worse and treat each other like strangers for most of their story and it's just like o|-< RIP and HOHOHOH DANG MARCILYN YOU MUST REALLY WANTED TO BE WITH ESTELLE THAT BAD HUH-- does Mae even see this happen or does she not show up until later LMFAO IM SORRY I LOVE TO HEAR YOUR MAIN OCS' REACTIONS TO SCENARIOS LIKE THESE-- THEY ARE ALWAYS A++


goodness gracious Yvette x'D LMAO i think my one oc that gets around the most (probably at Yvette's level) is def Thane,,, (jesus i need to draw him more LMAO i only drew him like three times)
and OHHH okay x"D well you will see vanessa being conflicted in Reboot (because she has two love interests !!!!! gASP) but yeah the majority of them stick to one person :")
Vivyi Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Yaaaaay <33 I'm so glad XD OMG I'm so excited, you have no idea! I can't wait to see it X3

LMAO xD They reluctantly befriend each other because Estelle's under a huge threat and she doesn't need them bickering towards each other. YES SHE DOES LMAO THAT'S NOT THE ONLY THING SHE DOES TO OTTO XD Ohhhh man, Mae doesn't show up until the first book XD Even then, she's Demisexual and probably wouldn't care too much until the Sequel because it takes her 2 years to fall in love with Otto, meanwhile Otto's been crushing on her ever since they first met xD

LMAO She's highly experimental that's for sure! xD Marcilyn herself dates Ambelena (who turned out to be Aromantic), Maxillian (haven't drawn him yet, but he's an asshole XD ), Yvette(who was the worst girlfriend ever... lmao ), Otto(during the first book), and then Estelle (She dates her in the sequel and eventually marries her if I fit that in... lmao ) She's not overly experimental for someone who lives in Heneurock though, according to Heneurock stereotypes XD Awww man, I'd say half and half of the cast stick to one person, and the other half is very experimental XD
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